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Here is a table of special interest instances.

Please no instances from the FediBlock blocklist.

Name Theme/interest Software

(if not Mastodon)

audio.anarchist.org Anarchism Funkwhale English
blog.rollenspiel.monster Roleplaying WriteFreely Deutsch
blacktwitter.io BIPoC English
books.solarpunkanarchism.org Solarpunk, anarchism BookWyrm English
books.solarpunk.moe Solarpunk BookWyrm English
bungle.online Fandom Calckey English
climatejustice.events Climate justice Mobilizon International
climatejustice.global Climate justice groups International
climatejustice.photos Climate justice Pixelfed International
climatejustice.rocks Climate justice International
climatejustice.social Climate justice International
climatejustice.video Climate justice PeerTube International
ComicsCamp.Club Webcomics English
donphan.social Pokémon English
enby.town Non-binary people GoToSocial English
events.fridaysforfuture.at Climate justice, FridaysForFuture Mobilizon Deutsch
events.litera.tools Literature Mobilizon Deutsch
fedi.lewactwo.pl Polish, leftist, queer Ecko Polish
fediverse.science Science International
forfuture.social Climate justice, For Future groups & activists International
gamemaking.social Amateur game-making English
gensokyo.town Touhou Project Japanese
girlcock.club Transgender English
homo.social Queer International
howlr.me Alternative, Alterhuman Akkoma English
imastodon.net THE iDOLM@STER (video game) Japanese
kirakiratter.com Aikatsu Japanese
kirche.social Religion Deutsch
legal.social Legal debate English
lgbtqplus.social Queer Deutsch
literatur.social Literature Deutsch, Englisch
lgbt.pm Queer Calckey International
lugnasad.eu Science Friendica Français
mental.camp Mental health Pixelfed International
mobilizon.extinctionrebellion.fr Climate justice, Extinction rebellion Mobilizon Français
pettingzoo.co Queer and Furry English
plural.cafe Plural systems English
poketopia.city Pokémon furries (Pokéfurs), TF English
rage.love Safe-space Hometown English
rcsocial.net Catholicism English
rollenspiel.social Roleplaying Deutsch
seizemeans.com Communism, socialism, anarchism English
social.globalpirates.net Politics, Activism, Pirate Party International
social.rebellion.global Extinction rebellion International
stop.voring.me Furries Calckey English
meow.social Furries English
pl.nudie.social Nudism/naturism Akkoma English
sunbeam.city Solarpunk English
tech.lgbt Tech + queer English
toki.social Toki Pona language Toki Pona
tube.rebellion.global Climate justice, Extinction rebellion PeerTube International
vegoon.party Veganism English
weeb.su Anime Calckey Russian
gametoots.de Gamers, Streamers, Twitch Deutsch, English

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