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This article is outdated!
This list is by nature never up to date and complete

This is a list of notable Fediverse accounts.

To be eligible for the list an entity has to meet these criteria:

  • be notable or willing. Which means one of the following:
    • Entity has it's own Wikipedia article (any language) and >1k followers on Fedi.
    • Entity has >5k followers on Fedi.
    • Entity has >1k followers on Fedi and is not a private person.
    • Entity has >1k followers on Fedi and agreed to be added to the list.
  • be real. No bots, crossposters or feeds!
  • not be a shitposter, porn-account or a bigot.
  • not on an instance eligible for FediBlock (which includes

Full name Handle Followers Fediverse original? Posts in Comment Wikipedia article
Mastodon @Mastodon 813k English Original account of Mastodon en
George Takei @georgetakei 420k English US actor en
Eugen Rochko @Gargron 344k English, (Deutsch) Founder, CEO and lead developer of Mastodon en
Neil Geiman @neilhimself 268k English English author en
Robert Reich @rbreich 261k English Berkeley professor, former Secretary of Labor of the US. en
FediTips @FediTips 214k ✔️ English Tips about the Fediverse
Jan Böhmermann @janboehm 193k Deutsch German comedian en
Taylor Lorenz @taylorlorenz 179k English Tech columnist at The Washington Post en
Ars Technica @arstechnica 145k English Tech news en
stux @stux 134k ✔️ English Hoster of many notable (Fediverse) services
Ken White @Popehat 113k English Criminal defense attorney en
Der Postillon @derpostillon 121k Deutsch German satirical fake-news en
ProPublica @ProPublica 113k English Non-profit news org. en
Volksverpetzer @Volksverpetzer 108k Deutsch Anti-Fake-News-Blog de
Stephen Fry @stephenfry 104k English famous author en
Greta Thunberg @gretathunberg 103k English Founder of FridaysForFuture en
Elhotzo @elhotzo 102k Deutsch German satirist de
EU Commission @EU_Commission 96k English Official account of the EU commission en
Auschwitz Museum @auschwitzmuseum 89k English Holocaust Museum en
Syuilo @syuilo 70k 日本語 Lead developer of Misskey.
FediFollows @FediFollows 65k ✔️ English Follow recommendations
Curator @Curator 60k ✔️ English Admin of and curator of art on the Fediverse
Mark Ruffalo @MarkRuffalo 56k English actor en
Pixelfed @pixelfed 59k English Original account of Pixelfed en
FridaysForFuture Germany @fff 56k Deutsch German climate justice activism group
War and Peas @warandpeas 54k English comics de
Kathy Griffin @kathygriffin 53k English famous US-Actress en
Donnie O'Sullivan @donieosullivan 50k English CNN Journalist en
Digitalcourage e.V. @digitalcourage 45k Deutsch Association for freedom of information & privacy en
Tor Project @torproject 45k English Developers of Tor, the Tor browser and other projects en
Aral @aral 42k English Small web developer
Volker Quaschning @VQuaschning 40k Deutsch German climate scientist en
Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf @rahmstorf 35k Deutsch German climate scientist de
Katja Diehl @SheDrivesMobility 33k Deutsch Author of #AutoKorrektur, a book on mobility turnaround de
Mastodon Italia @amministratore 32k ✔️ Italiano Admin of the largest Italian mastodon instance.
Framasoft @Framasoft 31k français, English French software company/community, developers of Mobilizon, PeerTube and many services to replace Google products. en
Kuketz Blog @kuketzblog 30k Deutsch IT-security expert
Katherina Nocun @kattascha 30k Deutsch German-Polish publicist, net-activist, politician & more. en
David Revoy @davidrevoy 29k English, français Creator of comics & mascots of Fediverse and other Free Software projects. en
muesli @fribbledom 28k English Software developer
Nextcloud @nextcloud 26k English Personal cloud service en
LibreOffice @libreoffice 26k English Free software office application. en
Luisa Neubauer @luisaneubauer 24k Deutsch Fridays For Future activist en
Tutanota @Tutanota 24k English, Deutsch Privacy-friendly E-Mail client & provider from Germany. en
F-Droid @fdroidorg 22k English Free software Android app store. en
Jim Acosta @acosta 21k English CNN journalist en
Tusky @Tusky 19k English Original account of the Mastodon client Tusky
Nico Semsrott @nicosemsrott 18k Deutsch German EU politician and comedian en
Dansup @dansup 18k English Developer of Pixelfed
Anne Roth @anneroth 18k Deutsch German author and internet activist de
Parents 4 Future @parents4future 17k Deutsch Alliance of FridaysForFuture Germany
islieb @islieb 16k Deutsch Creator of cute little comics about life.
Peter Gleick @petergleick 16k English Climate and water scientist and communicator en
Fedilab apps @apps 13k ✔️ English Official account of the Fediverse client Fedilab and other apps by the same developers
Letzte Generation @AufstandLastGen 13k Deutsch Climate Justice movement de
Codeberg @codeberg 12k English Website using the gitea federated git software.
Jasmina Kuhnke @jasminakuhnke 11k Deutsch Comedian, author and anti-racism activist. de
PeerTube @peertube 10k English, français Official account of PeerTube. en
Leah @leah 9k English Photographer, artist and Fediverse instance admin.
Ende Gelände @ende_gelaende 8k Deutsch Climate justice activism group in Germany en
Flipboard @flipboard 8k English Official account of Flipboard. en
Bread and Circuses @breadandcircuses 8k English Climate justice activist
PaulaToThePeople @PaulaToThePeople 7k ✔️ English, Deutsch Climate justice activist & Fediverse advocat
Correctiv @correctiv_org 7k Deutsch German investigative journalism
Small Circles @smallcircles 6k English Account about "humane" technology like the Fediverse.
YunoHost @yunohost 6k English Software to self-host free software like Fediverse services.
Wikimedia Foundation @wikimediafoundation 6k English The Foundation behind Wikipedia & co.
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman 5k English Climate scientist en
Funkwhale @funkwhale 5k English Fediverse software for sharing audio.
Mobilizon @mobilizon 5k English, français Official account of Mobilizon.
Eichkat3r @eichkat3r 5k Deutsch Internet funnyperson
A. Hofmann @empathroet 5k Deutsch
Kainoa Kanter @kainoa 5k English Lead developer of Firefish.
Stephanie Henkel @ueckueck 4k German Dresden local pirate politician and Fediverse moderator.
Conny Duck @ConnyDuck 4k English Developer of the Mastodon client Tusky & painter
Sursiendo @sursiendo 4k Español Digital activism group from Mexico.
Firefish @firefish 4k ✔️ English Official account of Firefish.
Wikimedia Deutschland @wikimediaDE 4k Deutsch German chapter of Wikimedia - the people behind Wikipedia & co. de
Rikylinux @rikylinux 3k ✔️ Español Digital activist and blogger.
GoToSocial @gotosocial 3k English Lightweight microblogging Fediverse software.
Creative Commons @creativecommons 3k English NPO for open access to education and art en
Senfcall @senfcall 2k ✔️ Deutsch Official account of German BigBlueButton videohosting provider Senfcall.
Doug Belshaw @dajb 2k English Technologist, leader, and educator.
Derek Caelin @derek 2k English Solarpunk enthusiast, climate feminist, social impact technologist
Anne Herpertz @stillnotlovin 2k Deutsch head of German pirate party de
Carola Rackete @carorackete 2k Deutsch, English German activist and politician en
Natenom @natenom 2k Deutsch Deceased German biking activist de

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