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A Mastodon/Fediverse server
for the Fairphone community
Inception 2023-07-04
Founder PaulaToThePeople
GreenFediverse yes
Population 7
Platform Mastodon

This is an article about the Mastodon instance [1].

Opening Status

The server is open for registrations and meant for people who consider themselves part of the Fairphone community.


Founder & owner: Fedizen:PaulaToThePeople
Technical Admin: Fossie


In July 2023 the WeAreFairphone community account was looking for a new home in the Fediverse, because seemed to not be very actively maintained anymore. So in the Fairphone forum the idea came up that a new instance could be created for the whole community. Paula offered the help of the Fediverse Foundation and a few days later the instance was set up.


The instance is hosted by the Fediverse Foundation on a green server in Vienna, Austria. The instance has a 5000 character limit.