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Friendica is a social network and one of the Fediverse's replacements for Facebook.

What does Friendica feel like?

Friendica combines a lot of the functionality from Facebook & Twitter.
You can tag users and groups, send direct messages, use and follow hashtags, create photo albums & events, like, dislike and comment on posts & re-share posts.
Once published a post can still be edited and updated across the network.
Users can also create multiple profiles, allowing different groups of people (such as friends, or work mates) to see a different profile entirely when viewing the same page.

Friendica's special place in the Fediverse

Friendica is part of the Fediverse, so you can't just communicate with other Friendica users, but people all over the Fediverse.
With Friendica we really mean all of the Fediverse, because it doesn't just use the standard protocol ActivityPub, but also others and can therefor e.g. communicate with diaspora*.
You might say Friendica has a bridge function between ActivityPub and diaspora* Apart from the Fediverse Friendica can even communicate with Twitter and you can publish posts on WordPress, Tumblr and Libertree.

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