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Dies ist das Navigations-Portal

Diese Seite wird dich über all die verschiedenen Arten, dieses Wiki zu navigieren, informieren, wie z.B. Suche, Kategorien, das Hauptmenü, Portale, usw.
Diese Information ist sowohl für Besucher*innen gedacht, um sich hier zurecht zufinden, wie auch für Editor*innen und Übersetzer*innen.

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List of ways to navigate
This is just a list, in the other colorful boxes you'll find more info on most way to navigate.
  • start at the main page and follow links from there, jumping from article to article
  • use the search function
  • check out the category tree or the list of all categories
  • view the media category or the gallery of new files
  • portals are pages gathering all the important info about a certain subject.
  • the main menu can usually be found on the left side in the desktop view
  • on desktop there is also a so called "navigation bar" on the bottom of most pages.
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The search function
MediaWiki has a userguide on the search function.

You'll find the search function on top of each page, as well as at Special:Search. When you use the search function on any page you'll either be directly taken to the article you were looking for or to the list of results. There you can fine-tune the search. By default the parameter "content pages" is selected, this means you are searching within the articles of this wiki. There is an option to search for "multimedia", "translations" or "everything" as well as an "advanced" option. The latter one lets you select which namespaces you are searching in.
Namespaces are a bit similar to categories, but many namespaces don't contain sites that are meant for visitors of the wiki. Namespaces that might be of interest for visitors are:

  • main (selected by default - searches for the public articles)
  • talk (discussion pages about each article in "main"
  • portal (pages like this one right here)
  • instance (pages about Fediverse instances/servers - we reccomend just looking at Instances instead)
  • join the fediverse (pages about this wiki - some of them are only addressed at editors)
  • fedizen (articles about people who are on the Fediverse - there are not many yet)
  • file (same as the multimedia search)
  • category

Some of the other namespaces are empty and will be removed.

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We recommend using the category tree. There you'll find each of the main categories. Clicking on them will reveal the pages in those categories as well as their sub-categories.

You can also check out the list of all categories or search for a category as explained before.
If you quickly want to go to a certain category, e.g. the "beginners guide" category, you can enter "Category:" followed by the name of the category into the search function - mind the capitalization. In this example that would be "Category:Beginners guide". Some categories explained:

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Portals are pages like this one here that are crammed with lots of info about a topic and links to further resources. Besides this Portal:Navigation there are also:
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