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General Todos

Missing What is pages

ActivityPub white.svg ActivityPub

Fedibird white.svg Fedibird Glitch-soc.svg Glitch-soc Hometown.svg Hometown Fediverse logo missing.svg Smalltown
Akkoma white.svg Akkoma
Takahē white.svg Takahē Epicyon.svg Epicyon Tumblr white.svg Tumblr
Bonfire.svg Bonfire Swanye white.svg Swanye Diaspora* white.svg diaspora* Streams white.svg Streams
Socialhome.svg Socialhome Honk white.svg Honk Plume.svg Plume WordPress.svg WordPress
Drupal.svg Drupal Flockingbird white.svg Flockingbird Flickr.svg Flickr Goldfish white.svg Goldfish
CastoPod.svg CastoPod Reel2bits white.svg reel2bits Gancio white.svg Gancio Inventaire.svg Inventaire

Other missing pages

  • Art in the Fediverse (some general text about the situation of art in the Fediverse + table of artists similar to other Category:In the Fediverse tables.)
  • Racism in the Fediverse (description of the situation in the Fedi, comparison to other social media & how things could be improved - Ideally not written just by white people)
  • Free Software (what is free software, the 4 freedoms, what it means for the Fediverse + downsides)

Pages with specific todos



Language How complete?
francais 86%
Deutsch 55%
日本語 30%
italiano 27%
espanol 22%
Portoguese do Brasil 12%
Russian 5%
Hebrew 4%
Korean 1%
Polish 0%
All other languages 0% (start now)

Individual Todos

Feel free to keep a Todo List for yourself here.



  • move over the mastodon app matrix that I saw someone made on google sheets and update it with more apps
  • go through and make sure all my icons are the newest 512x512 versions