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Project Content
This project is about creating new content, so new pages mainly. This is where you can spread your knowledge about the Fediverse.
The main page of this project is Project:Content.
  • This wiki should have What is pages about (among others) these software projects:

Welcome to the Project Content.
On this page we collect tasks about the creation of new content.

Members of this project

If you want to help in this project you can just link yourself below and also add {{Content member}} on your user page.
Members so far are:


Here are some tools to help create the missing svgs for the tables below.

Convert png to svg:

Change color(s) of scg:

Missing what is pages

Find a list of Fediverse projects that still need Category:What are Fediverse projects? articles here.


Name Logo svg Main color Hex code Links
Table Template Article
Tusky Template:Tusky Tusky
Fedilab Template:Fedilab Fedilab
Mastodon (App) Template:Mastodon (App) Mastodon (App)
Subway Tooter Subway Tooter
Metatext Metatext
Tooter Tooter
MilkTea MilkTea
MissCat MissCat
AndStatus Template:AndStatus AndStatus
Friendica (App) Friendica (App)
dandelion* Dandelion*
Nomad Nomad
Twidere Twidere
WriteFreely (App) WriteFreely (App)
Jerboa Jerboa
lemmur Lemmur
Thunder Thunder
PixelDroid PixelDroid
TubeLab TubeLab
Funkwhale (App) Funkwhale (App)
Mobilizon (App) Mobilizon (App)
Remmel Remmel
Mlem Mlem

Missing pages

  • Racism in the Fediverse (description of the situation in the Fedi, comparison to other social media & how things could be improved - Ideally not written just by white people)
  • Free Software (what is free software, the 4 freedoms, what it means for the Fediverse + downsides)