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Project Curation
This is a low-priority project about curating pages with great quality.
The main page of this project is Project:Curation.
  • wait for the quality project to define criteria for bad quality
    • based on those define criteria for good quality
  • curate pages with great quality

Welcome to the Project Curation.
This is a low-priority project, where we curate posts with high quality.

Some of the tasks for the future include:

  • defining criteria for good quality (based on the criteria for bad quality by the Project:Quality control)
  • creating templates for highlighting good quality posts (based on the design of warning templates by the same project)
  • curating great posts by adding the template
  • listing those great posts (along with new and recently edited posts) at Home Page/Highlight once that page is created

Members of this project

If you want to help in this project you can just link yourself below and also add {{Curation member}} on your user page.
Members so far are: