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C'est la table de quelque applications pour le Fédiverse. La liste ne sera jamais exhaustive. Les applications qui sont entre parenthèses ne sont pas activement développées ou supportent partiellement le logiciel du Fédiverse/la combinaison des systèmes d'exploitations.

Android iOS Sailfish OS GNU/linux MacOS Windows
Mastodon & forks Tusky, Fedilab, Mastodon, AndStatus, Indigenous, Subway Tooter, dndkodon, (Twidere X), (Twidere), Tokodon Mastodon, (Metatext), iMast (Tooter), Michabo Whalebird, TheDesk, Sengi, Hyper-space, Michabo, Tokodon Whalebird, TheDesk, Mastonaut, Hyper-space Whalebird, TheDesk, Sengi, Hyper-space
Misskey MilkTea, (Subway Tooter) MissCat Whalebird, TheDesk Whalebird, TheDesk Whalebird, TheDesk
Pleroma Fedilab, Indigenous, (Subway Tooter), (Twidere X), (Twidere) (Amaroq) Whalebird, Sengi, (Hyper-space) Whalebird, (Hyper-space) Whalebird, Sengi, (Hyper-space)
GNU Social Fedilab, AndStatus
Friendica (Friendica), Fedilab, Relatica (Hyper-space) (Hyper-space) (Hyper-space)
diaspora* dandelior*, (dandelion*)
Hubzilla (Nomad), (Twidere), AndStatus
WriteFreely WriteFreely
Lemmy Jerboa, (lemmur), Summit, Thunder (Mlem), (Remmel)
Pixelfed Pixelfed, PixelDroid, Fedilab, (Tusky), (Twidere X), (Twidere) Pixelfed, (Metatext) (Whalebird), (Sengi) (Whalebird) (Whalebird), (Sengi)
PeerTube TubeLab, Fedilab, Thorium, NewPipe
Funkwhale Funkwhale, Ultrasonic, SubStreamer SubStreamer
Mobilizon (Mobilizon)

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