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works with Lemmy
works on Android iOS
App stores IzzyOnDroid , Google Play , Appstore
License GNU AGPL v3
Repository Github
under active development moderation tools not available

An open source, cross-platform Lemmy client.


The app will meet most users' needs. It supports all of Lemmy's editing tools, image uploading, formatting and voting.

Some of its perks are the options to personalize your timeline's view and manage posts density:

  • card: full image and body text preview. And you can opt out image or text preview or author. Hide vote...
  • compact view: display only the post's title with image's thumbnails - you can have an image or text indicator or remove them.

It's navigation is smooth, posts and comments are collapsible.


Thunder offers several options for your search. It's one of the most featured Lemmy apps, it covers all Lemmy current search engine capabilitie.

You can search for a post title or its URL, it's neat because Lemmy is a link aggregator. Then you can fine grain by their popularity, community or its author.

You can find some PeerTube instance but only if user added it before via PeerTube URL. That's not related to the app but Lemmy

You have the ability to find user in the Fediverse.

community post comment users Fediverse
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Moderation tools

Currently app doesn't supports any moderation tools. There is no "moderation view" timeline filter.

report queue registration queue super mod temporary ban ban remove/restore posts remove/restore comments pin/unpin posts lock posts