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Welcome new editor

Thank you for creating an account on the JoinFediverseWiki with the intent to help improve this wiki.
On this page you will (soon) find a lot of information about editing this wiki.

Basics about editing
Basic rules for editing
  • don't spam, troll, harass or bully
  • don't promote bigotry, hate-speech, right-wing indeologies or "free speech instances"
  • don't willfully spread false information
    • this wiki doesn't meet the same standards as Wikipedia e.g. for scientific writing or notability, but everything should be correct
  • please don't remove text or heavily rewrite it before talking about it in the corresponding talk page
  • if you're afraid of making a mistake and e.g. "breaking" a page
  • try to stick to the guidelines (links will follow)
Translating is also a part of editing.
  • Find the rules about translating in the Project:Translation guide, which basically read:
    • only translate the English text & don't add information
    • use gender-inclusive language in languages that are usually not
  • some tips about translating will follow soon (hopefully)
  • You can find all the tasks you can help with in Portal:Todos and the project pages linked from there
  • Category:Drafts contains pages that need finishing
  • some software projects that need What is pages include:
  • all pages can generally always be improved upon
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