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Welcome to the Join Fediverse Wiki

The Join Fediverse Wiki is a Wikipedia-style encyclopedia with 330 articles dedicated to all things Fediverse!
Fedi-what? Fediverse!
It's that cool alternative social media system, that's independent of global corporations and giving you full control over your data and media.
Sounds cool? Then let's make a journey through the federated universe.

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Getting started
Here you'll find all the basic info about the Fediverse:
If you don't want to read much, check out the Quickstart guide!
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Fediverse projects
The following is an incomplete list of Fediverse software projects.

Depending on which software is installed on a server, the look and experience is very different.

Here is an article about all Fediverse projects!
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Need further help?
If you have questions about the Fediverse and don't find an answer here, you can:
  • Ask directly in the Fediverse, if you already have an account.
  • Send a mail to joinfediversewiki@riseup.net

If you have a question about this wiki, you can:

  • Ask @JoinFediverseWiki@climatejustice.social in the Fediverse
  • Send a mail to joinfediversewiki@riseup.net
  • Create an account in this wiki and ask on the discussion page of the main page or the page the question refers to.
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Want to help us?
If you want to help make this wiki better, you can do these things:
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Other great resources
The bespoke Fediverse guide
An unofficial guide to Mastodon and the Fediverse
An easy and stress-free way of choosing a Fediverse server
More links
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