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Large groups (with at least 2 active accounts in the Fediverse)

Movement Country Region or division Fedi address (Last)
Account type
Handle Instance


(Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland)

Deutschland @BUNDjugend_ak_digi 2022 Mastodon
@BUNDjugend 🤖 Mastodon
Baden-Württemberg @bundjugend_bw 🤖 Mastodon
Heidelberg @BUNDheidelberg ✔️ Mastodon
Hessen @BUNDjugend_Hessen ✔️ Mastodon
Hildsheim @BUNDHildesheim ✔️ Mastodon
Mainz @BUNDmainz climatejustice. ✔️ Mastodon
Saarbrücken @bund_sb ✔️ Mastodon

Ende Gelände

Deutschland @ende_gelaende ✔️ Mastodon
@ende_gelaende ✔️ PeerTube
@endegelaende ✔️ Funkwhale
Aachen @EGAachen ✔️ Mastodon
Hamburg @eg_hamburg 🤖 Mastodon
Hannover @eg_hannover ✔️ Mastodon
Tübingen @ende_gelaende_tue ✔️ Mastodon
Würzburg @EGwuerzburg 2020 Mastodon

Erde Brennt

Österreich Graz @erdebrennt ✔️ Mastodon
Wien @erdebrennt_uni 2022 Mastodon
@ErdeBrenntAT 2022 Mastodon

Extinction Rebellion

Global @ExtinctionR ✔️ Mastodon
@xrglobal ✖️ PeerTube
Denmark @XRDK ✔️ Mastodon
Deutschland @xrgermany ✔️ Mastodon
@xrderbewegungspodcast ✔️ Funkwhale
@germany Jan '23 PeerTube
Aachen @xraachen Bot, 2021 Mastodon
Berlin @XRBerlin ✔️ Mastodon
@xryouth_berlin 2020 Mastodon
Bielefeld @xr_bielefeld ✔️ Mastodon
Bochum @xrbochum ✔️ Mastodon
Erlangen @xr_erlangen 2020 Mastodon
Halle @xrhalle 2021 Mastodon
@xrhalle 2020 Pixelfed
Hammeln @xr_hameln 2020 Mastodon
Kiel @xr_kiel 2020 Mastodon
Korschenbroich @XRkorschenbroich 2020 Mastodon
Köln @xrcologne Jan '23 Mastodon
Lübeck @xr_luebeck 2021 Mastodon
Nürnberg @XR_Nuernberg Jan '23 Mastodon
Rostock @xr_rostock 2022 Mastodon
España @spain ✔️ PeerTube
Finland @elokapina ✔️ Mastodon
France @xrfrance ✔️ Mastodon
@xrfrance ✔️ Mobilizon
Bordeaux @XR_Bordeaux ✔️ Mastodon
Dunkerque @xrdkhdf ✖️ Mastodon
Lyon/Rhone @rhone ✔️ Mastodon
Marseille @marseille ✖️ Mastodon
Morlaix @xrmorlaix ✖️ Mastodon
Nantes @xrNantes ✔️ Mastodon
Rennes @rennes ✖️ Mastodon
Saint-Etienne @xrsaintetienne Jan '23 Mastodon
Toulouse @xrToulouse ✔️ Mastodon
Tours @tours ✔️ Mastodon
Italia @italy ✖️ PeerTube
Pisa @pisa_xr Jan '23 Mastodon
Nederlands @extinctionrebellionnl ✔️ Mastodon
Polska @XRPolska ✔️ Mastodon
Schweiz @xrswitzerland Never Mastodon
[关闭] 中華民國 (Taiwan) @xrtaiwan 2020 Mastodon
United Kingdom @XR_UK 2019 Mastodon
South East @XRSouthEastUK Feb '23 Mastodon

Fridays For Future

@FridaysForFuture ✖️ Mastodon
Deutschland @fff 🤖 Mastodon
Augsburg @fffaugsburg ✔️ Mastodon
Bad Nenndorf @fff_badnenndorf ✔️ Mastodon
Baden Württemberg @fff_bw 2022 Mastodon
Berlin @FridaysForFuture 2022 Mastodon
Bochum @fridaysforfuturebochum ✔️ Mastodon
Braunschweig @fff_braunschweig ✔️ Mastodon
Bremen @bremenforfuture ✔️ Mastodon
Darmstadt @FFFDarmstadt never Mastodon
Dresden @fffdresden ✖️ Mastodon
Duisburg @fff_duisburg 2022 Mastodon
Erfurt @fridaysforfutureerfurt 2022 Mastodon
Frankfurt am Main @FFF_Frankfurt ✔️ Mastodon
Freiburg @F4F_Freiburg ✔️ Mastodon
Halle @fffhalle ✔️ Mastodon
Karlsruhe @fridaysforfuture_ka ✔️ Mastodon
Kuppenheim @kuppenheim4Future ✔️ Mastodon
Köln @KoelleForFuture ✔️ Mastodon
Leipzig @FFFLeipzig never Mastodon
Moosburg @fffmoosburg ✔️ Mastodon
Mühldorf / Altötting @fff_mue_aoe ✔️ Mastodon
München @fff_muc ✔️ Mastodon
@fffmuc ✔️ PeerTube
Oldenburg @fffoldenburg Jan '23 Mastodon
Recklinghausen @fffrecklinghausen Never Mastodon
Rösrath @RoesrathForFuture ✔️ Mastodon
Rostock @fff_rostock ✔️ Mastodon
Ulm / Neu-Ulm @fff_ulm ✔️ Mastodon
Unterhaching @Unterhaching4Future ✔️ Mastodon
@Unterhaching4F ✔️ Pixelfed
France Grenoble @fff_grenoble Never Mastodon
Italia @fffitalia ✔️ Mastodon
@fffitalia_eventi ✔️ Mobilizon
Nederland @fridaysforfuturenederland Never Mastodon
Nigeria @FFF ✖️ Mastodon
Österreich @FridaysForFutureAT ✖️ Mastodon
Wien @ViennaForFuture ✖️ Mastodon
@viennaforfuture ✖️ PeerTube
Schweiz (Klimastreik) @klimastreik ✔️ Mastodon
Basel @klimastreik_basel ✔️ Mastodon
USA Seattle @FFF_Seattle 2022 Mastodon


Deutschland Ruhr @greenpeace_ruhr 🤖 Mastodon
Schweiz @greenpeace_ch 🤖 Mastodon

Hambi, Lützerath & Co

Deutschland Action Ticker Lützerath @LuetziTickerEN ✔️ Mastodon
Aktionsticker Lützerath @luetziticker22 ✔️ Mastodon
Alle Dörfer Bleiben @AlleDoerfer ✔️ Mastodon
Hambi Bleibt @hambibleibt ✔️ Mastodon
Hambi Bleibt Mahnwache @HambiMahnwache Bot, 2020 Mastodon
Hambi Camp 2.0 @hambicamp ✔️ Mastodon
KoLaWi Lützerath @KoLaWi_Luetzi May '22 Mastodon
Lützerath Bleibt @LuetziBleibt ✔️ Mastodon
Lützi Memes @luetzimemes never Mastodon
Strohballenhaus Lützerath @strobalue1 June '22 Mastodon
Unser Aller Camp @system_change_camp Feb '23 Mastodon


Österreich Wien @JugendrAT 2022 Mastodon
Wiener Neustadt @jugendratwrneustadt Feb '23 Mastodon


Deutschland @NABU_Klima_Energie Feb '23 Mastodon
Euskirchen @NABUEuskirchen ✔️ Mastodon
Kiel @kielnabu ✔️ Mastodon
Laatzen @NABU_Laatzen ✔️ Mastodon
Mittleres Kinzigtal @nabu_kinzigtal ✔️ Mastodon
Ortenau @NABUOrtenau ✔️ Mastodon

Parents For Future

Deutschland @parents4future ✔️ Mastodon
Hamburg @P4F_Hamburg ✔️ Mastodon
Kreis Viersen @pff_viersen never Mastodon
Sweden @parents4future_se ✔️ Mastodon
UK @Parents4FutureUK ✔️ Mastodon

Letzte Generation

Deutschland @AufstandLastGen ✔️ Mastodon
Österreich @LetzteGenerationAT Jan '23 Mastodon

Scientist Rebellion

Global @ScientistRebellion ✔️ Mastodon
Deutschland @scientistrebellion_GER ✔️ Mastodon
Denmark @ScientistRebellionDK ✔️ Mastodon

Scientists 4 Future

Global @S4F_INTL 2022 Mastodon
Deutschland @S4F ✔️ Mastodon
@s4f_podcast ✔️ Mastodon
Göttingen @S4F_Goettingen ✔️ Mastodon
Hamburg @s4f_hh ✔️ Mastodon
Hannover @S4F_Hannover ✔️ Mastodon
Köln, Bonn @s4f_koeln_bonn ✔️ Mastodon
Leipzig @s4f_le ✔️ Mastodon
Stuttgart @S4F_Stuttgart ✔️ Mastodon
Nederland @sciforfuture_NL Bot Jan '23 Mastodon
Österreich Wien @S4F_Wien May '22 Mastodon

Smaller groups

Movement Region Fedi address (Last)
Account type
Country City/Area Handle Instance
A22 Network @a22network never Mastodon
Activism International @activism_international 2022 Mastodon
Aktion Autofrei @aktion_autofrei 🤖 Mastodon
Am Boden Bleiben @AmBodenBleiben never Mastodon
Animal Climate Action @AnimalClimateAction 2021 Mastodon
Artists For Future Deutschland München @Artists4Future_Muenchen ✔️ Mastodon
Attac @attac_hl 2019 Mastodon
Baumpiratinnen @baumpirat_innen 2020 Mastodon
Bank on Our Future @BankOnOurFuture Feb '23 Mastodon
The Basics @TheBasics 🆕 Mastodon
BE Coalition USA San Diego @SDBECoalition ✔️ Mastodon
BerlinForFuture Deutschland Berlin @Berlin4Future ✔️ Mastodon
Bikegrid Now @bikegridnow never Mastodon
Blockade Australia @blockadeaustralia ✔️ Mastodon
Campaign Against Climate Change @campaigncc ✔️ Mastodon
Carbon Market Watch @carbonmarketwatch ✔️ Mastodon
City Atlas USA New York @CityAtlas ✔️ Mastodon
Climate Action Merribek Australia Naarm (Melbourne) @CAMerribek ✔️ Mastodon @climatejustice_events ✔️ Mastodon
Climate News Now @climatenews ✔️ Mastodon
Climate Psychology Alliance @ClimatePsychologyAlliance ✔️ Mastodon
Climate Quest @climate_quest ✔️ Mastodon
Climate Vanguard @climatevanguard ✔️ Mastodon
Climaximo @climaximo ✔️ Mastodon
Code Rood @CodeRood ✔️ Mastodon
Developers for Future @developers ✔️ Mastodon
Earth4All @earth4all June '23 Mastodon
Ecologists at Risk @ecologistsatrisk ✔️ Mastodon
Enough 14 @enough14GNU ✔️ Mastodon
Environmental Defenders Office @EDOLawyers ✔️ Mastodon
Fermento @fermento ✔️ Mastodon
Gegenstrom Deutschland Hamburg @GegenstromHH ✔️ Mastodon
Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie @GemeinsamGegenDieTierindustrie ✔️ Mastodon
George Mason University
Center for Climate Change Comm
USA Fairfax, Virginia @Mason4C ✔️ Mastodon
George Mason University
Virginia Climate Center
USA Fairfax, Virginia @VirginiaClimate ✔️ Mastodon
Green Antikapitalist Front @FrontGreen 2021 Mastodon
Green Kapitalism Kills @greencapitalismkills 2020 Mastodon
Grow Sverige Sweden @grow ✔️ Mastodon
Hacker For Future @HackerForFuture 2021 Mastodon
Hamilton 350 @Hamilton350 ✔️ Mastodon
Just Stop Oil @JustStopOil ✔️ Mastodon
Känguru Kollektiv @KaenguruKollektiv ✖️ Mastodon
Karte von Morgen @Kartevonmorgen ✔️ Mastodon
Keine A49 Deutschland @keinea49 🤖 Mastodon
Kietzblock Alt Lichtenberg @kiezblock_alt_lichtenberg ✔️ Mastodon
KligK @kligk ✔️ Mastodon
Klima Antifa Deutschland Tübingen @KlimaAntifaTue 2021 Mastodon
Klimablatt Schweiz @klimablatt ✔️ Mastodon
Klimabuchmesse @klimabuchmesse ✔️ Mastodon
Klimacamp Deutschland Bremen @klimacamp_bremen 🤖 Mastodon
Klimaentscheid Ulm Neuulm


Ulm, Neuulm @klimaentscheidulm_neuulm ✔️ Mastodon
Klima Freunde Deutschland Köln @klima_freunde ✔️ Mastodon
Klimagerecht Leben @klimagerecht_leben ✔️ Mastodon
Klima Nachrichten @KlimaNewsDE ✔️ Mastodon
Klima Neustart Deutschland Berlin @klimaneustart ✔️ Mastodon
Klimatbevakaren Sweden @klimatbevakaren ✔️ Mastodon
Klima Wandeln @KlimaWandeln ✔️ Mastodon
Klima° vor Acht @klimavoracht ✔️ Mastodon
Klimatreffen Deutschland Karlsruhe @klimatreffen_ka ✔️ Mastodon
Koala Kollektiv @koalakollektiv ✔️ Mastodon
Kommunale Klimaklage @KommunaleKlimaklage 2022 Mastodon
Kranold Kietzblock Neukölln @Kranoldkiezblock ✔️ Mastodon
Libraries4Future @libraries4future ✔️ Mastodon
Lobau Österreich Wien @lobau 2022 Mastodon
Lobau Bleibt Österreich Wien @lobaubleibt 2021 Mastodon
Naturfreundejugend Deutschland Leipzig @NFJLeipzig ✔️ Mastodon
Nebelhorn Podcast @Nebelhorn ✔️ Mastodon
Ohne Kerosin Nach Berlin Deutschland @ohnekerosinnachberlin ✔️ Mastodon
Okios @oikos Jan '23 Mastodon
Ökomob @oekomob ✔️ Mastodon
Osterholz Bleibt @OsterholzBleibt 2019 Mastodon
Queers For Future Deutschland Berlin @Queers_For_Future_Berlin 2021 Mastodon
Reklame Fossielvrij @reclamefossielvrij ✔️ Mastodon
Sand im Getriebe Deutschland Berlin @SiGBerlin ✔️ Mastodon
Seebrücke Deutschland Frankfurt @seebrueckeffm ✔️ Mastodon
Shell Must Fall @ShellMustFall ✔️ Mastodon
Soli Lausitz 23 @Soli_Lausitz23 ✔️ Mastodon
Stay Grounded @StayGrounded_net ✔️ Mastodon
Stop Funding Heat @stopfundingheat 2022 Mastodon
Stop Trinity @stop_trinity ✔️ Mastodon
Stopp Oljeletinga @stoppoljeletinga ✔️ Mastodon
Third Generation Project @ThirdGenProject ✔️ Mastodon
Together For Future @tff_germany ✔️ Mastodon
Transition Together @TransitionTog ✔️ Mastodon
Turbo Klimakampftrupe @tkkg_kiel Mar '23 Mastodon
Tschüss Erdgas @tschuesserdgas ✔️ Mastodon
Unser Aller Wald @UnserAllerWald ✔️ Mastodon
Urgewald @urgewald ✔️ Mastodon
Wald statt Asphalt @wsa_buendnis ✔️ Mastodon
Wir stellen uns quer @wsuq 🤖 Mastodon
Via Campesina Europe @ecvc ✔️ Mastodon
WWF @Wwf never Mastodon
WWF Deutschland @wwf_deutschland Feb '23 Mastodon
Zimt @zimt May '23 Mastodon


Please only add famous people (e.g. who have their own Wikipedia page) or people who consented to being added.

Name Occupation Organization(s) Fedi address (Last)
Account type
Handle Instance
504 dr @504DR ✔️ Mastodon
A.C. Tupper @ACTupper ✔️ Mastodon
Aarne Granlund @aarnegranlund ✔️ Mastodon
Aaron Weiss @aweiss Jul '23 Mastodon
Aimee Witteman @aimeewitteman ✔️ Mastodon
Alexandra Rausch psychologist Psychologists4Future @Alexandra_Rausch Feb '23 Mastodon
Amy Westervelt journalist @amywestervelt ✔️ Mastodon
Andrew Boswell scientist @DrAndrewBoswell_CEPP ✔️ Mastodon
Anne Wash @annewash45 ✔️ Mastodon
awoe @awoe ✖️ Mastodon
Benjamin Douglas student @BenjaminDouglas ✔️ Mastodon
Betsy J @revej ✔️ Mastodon
Billy Hunter scientist @BioGeoChemBilly ✔️ Mastodon
Bob Kopp scientist @bobkopp ✔️ Mastodon
Bread and Circuses @breadandcircuses ✔️ Mastodon
Brendan Byrne scientist @bbyrne ✔️ Mastodon
Cam Ross @camross ✔️ Mastodon
Cameron Underwood scientist @CameronUnderwood ✔️ Mastodon
candy in the wind educator & activist @kjempeslu ✔️ Mastodon
Carla Caputo @carlaxo ✔️ Mastodon
Chad M Briggs scientist @chadmbriggs ✔️ Mastodon
Charles Muller activist @acmuller ✔️ Mastodon
CelloMom on Cars activist & educator @CelloMomOnCars ✔️ Mastodon
Chris H musician @hutchingsmusic ✔️ Mastodon
Chris Haynes @clfh ✔️ Mastodon
Chris Robertson @DesignClimate Feb '23 Mastodon
Christian Frank activist FridaysForFuture Köln @chfrankcgn ✔️ Mastodon
Christian Gelleri scientist @gelleri ✔️ Mastodon
Cyrus C Taylor scientist @CyrusCTaylor ✔️ Mastodon
Damon @Kubar69 Feb '23 Mastodon
Dan Shugar scientist @atershedlab June '23 Mastodon
Dana R Fisher @Fisher_DanaR ✔️ Mastodon
Daniel Huppmann scientist Scientists4Future Österreich @daniel_huppmann ✔️ Mastodon
Dargan M. W. Frierson scientist @darganf ✔️ Mastodon
DataWhop author @datawhop 2022 Mastodon
David psychologist Psychologists4Future @davevader ✔️ Mastodon
David Ho scientist @davidho ✔️ Mastodon
David Sacerdote scientist @dsacer ✔️ Mastodon
Ed Hawkins scientist @ed_hawkins ✔️ Mastodon
Elizabeth Sawin scientist @bethsawin ✔️ Mastodon
Eric Loots @ericloots ✔️ Mastodon
Erica McIntyre scientist & educator @EricaMcIntyre ✔️ Mastodon
Eunice L Alexander scientist & educator @elatoad6 ✔️ Mastodon
Even Rodowski @evanrud Jan '23 Mastodon
Farhana Sultana educator @farhanasultana ✔️ Mastodon
Felix psychologist Psychologists4Future @felixpeter Jan '23 Mastodon
FerRacimo scientist, activist Scientist Rebellion @FerRacimo ✔️ Mastodon
Franke James author @frankejames ✔️ Mastodon
Freygan scientist @FreyaSu ✔️ Mastodon
Gary Krysztopik @garykrysztopik ✔️ Mastodon
Georg Adelmann psychologist Psychologists4Future @geoadel ✔️ Mastodon
Gerald Kutney author @GeraldKutney ✔️ Mastodon
Gill King @gillking ✔️ Mastodon
gmoke @gmoke ✔️ Mastodon
gpfeifer @gpfeifer May '23 Mastodon
Gregory Manni author, journalist @gregory_manni ✔️ Mastodon
Greta Thunberg activist FridaysForFuture @gretathunberg ✔️ Mastodon
Heather Price scientist & activist @huprice ✔️ Mastodon
Idanomics @idanomics ✔️ Mastodon
Ido Liven @IdoLiven ✔️ Mastodon
Jack Pine scientist @sserbin ✔️ Mastodon
Javed Ali scientist @javedali ✔️ Mastodon
JB Scotty @jb_nerd ✔️ Mastodon
Jeff Burghett @jeff_B Feb '23 Mastodon
Jhinin @jhinin ✔️ Mastodon
John Englart activist @takvera ✔️ Mastodon
Jonathan Koomey author @jgkoomey ✔️ Mastodon
Jojoo activist @jojoo ✔️ Mastodon
Jordan @jordane121 Jan '23 Mastodon
Julescelt scientist @julescelt01 ✔️ Mastodon
Just Matthew @Irreverent_B ✔️ Mastodon
Kat Friedrich journalist @katfriedrich ✔️ Mastodon
Kate Walton-Elliott journalist @pyoor ✔️ Mastodon
Katharine Hayhoe scientist @kathhayhoe ✔️ Mastodon
Katja Diehl author & activist @SheDrivesMobility ✔️ Mastodon
Kayla Anderson activist Climate Re:Play @imbaela Apr '23 Mastodon
Kirsten v. Elverfeldt scientist @theogeo6 May '23 Mastodon
Kit the builder @Kit ✔️ Mastodon
Larry Edwards @RadReduction Jan '23 Mastodon
Laura Skies @greeneralia ✔️ Mastodon
Lea Dohm psychologist Psychologists4Future @leadohm ✔️ Mastodon
Leigh Callinan scientist @lcallinan ✔️ Mastodon
Leo Burtscher scientist Astronomers for Planet Earth @leo ✔️ Mastodon
LeRoy Westerling scientist @LeRoyWesterling ✔️ Mastodon
Liz Burakowski scientist @LizBurakowski Feb '23 Mastodon
Liz Connor historian, activist @LizConor 2022 Mastodon
Lorraine Shrops @Lorraine_Shrops ✔️ Mastodon
Lu Yen Roloff @Planet_A Feb '23 Mastodon
Luisa Neubauer activist FridaysForFuture @luisaneubauer 2022 Mastodon
Maia architect @maiakbc June '23 Mastodon
Malin Wiese student @Malin_Wiese ✔️ Mastodon
Mareike @mareike ✔️ Mastodon
Matt Henry scientist @Menrywy ✔️ Mastodon
Mari @mari ✔️ Mastodon
Marion Grau activist @marion_grau ✔️ Mastodon
Medusa sans Frontières @opheliainwaders 2022 Mastodon
MeerderWörter activist FridaysForFuture Österreich @MeerderWoerter ✔️ Mastodon
Michael E. Mann scientist @MichaelEMann ✔️ Mastodon
Mike @teamfaceplant ✔️ Mastodon
Mitzi Jonelle activist YACAP, FridaysForFuture @mitzijonelle 2021 Mastodon
Meade Crosby scientist @MeadeKrosby ✔️ Mastodon
Methane Hunter activist @TXsharon ✔️ Mastodon
Monte Paulsen scientist @montepaulsen ✔️ Mastodon
MurmeltHier @MurmeltHier ✔️ Mastodon
Nasenbär activist @Nasenbaer Feb '23 Mastodon
Nichol Brummer @Nichol Jun '23 Mastodon
Olive Farmer farmer @OrcaFarmer ✔️ Mastodon
Openhuman @Openhuman ✔️ Mastodon
PaulaToThePeople activist FridaysForFuture Wien/Österreich @PaulaToThePeople ✔️ Mastodon
Pauline von Hellermann activist extinction rebellion @pvonhellermannn ✔️ Mastodon
People & Nature @peoplenature ✔️ Mastodon
Peter Gleick scientist @petergleick ✔️ Mastodon
Peter Fairley journalist @pfairley ✔️ Mastodon
Peter Kalmus scientist @ClimateHuman Jan '23 Mastodon
Phoenix Serenity activist @msquebanh ✔️ Mastodon
Piff 123 activist @Piff123 ✔️ Mastodon
Rhinos Worry Me @RhinosWorryMe ✔️ Mastodon
Rich Puchalsky @RichPuchalsky ✔️ Mastodon
Robert journalist @rfi ✔️ Mastodon
Robert Senner @RobertSenner Jan '23 Mastodon
Rose Hedges @rosehedges Fed '23 Mastodon
Ross McFarlane @ross_macfarlane Feb '23 Mastodon
sabine psychologist Psychologists4Future @sabine ✔️ Mastodon
Sabine Maur psychologist Psychologists4Future @SabineMaur ✔️ Mastodon
Sandro Figueiredo Pires @environmentalnetworker ✔️ Mastodon
SE Bachinger @sebachinger ✔️ Mastodon
Sir GameZaloT medical doctor @SiR_GameZaloT ✔️ Mastodon
Sommer Ackerman activist @Sommerackerman Jan '23 Mastodon
Stefan Rahmstorf scientist @rahmstorf ✔️ Mastodon
Stefan Urbat scientist Scientists4Future Deutschland @Stefan_Urbat ✔️ Mastodon
Steffieffi @Steffieffi ✔️ Mastodon
Stephen Fierbaugh @sfierbaugh ✔️ Mastodon
Susi Arnott scientist @SusiArnott ✔️ Mastodon
Sven Scherrer engineer @sven ✔️ Mastodon
T Chu @chu ✔️ Mastodon
Tadzio Müller activist @muellertadzio ✔️ Mastodon
Tara Carey @taracarey ✔️ Mastodon
Theresia Crone activist FridaysForFuture Deutschland @theresia Jan '23 Mastodon
Tessa Hill scientist @ClimateTessa ✔️ Mastodon
Toa5t activist @toa5t ✔️ Mastodon
Tutufant psychologist Psychologists4Future @Tutufant ✔️ Mastodon
Tuxom @tuxom ✔️ Mastodon
U. Lancier @Ulan_KA ✔️ Mastodon
Una activist ParentsForFuture @Una ✔️ Mastodon
Underutilized Mediocrity scientist @wayofthewitch ✔️ Mastodon
Véronique Boillet scientist @vboillet 2022 Mastodon
The View From Steeltown @TVFS ✔️ Mastodon
Volker Quaschnig scientist Scientists4Future @VQuaschning ✔️ Mastodon
WasSollManNochSagen psychologist Psychologists4Future @wassollmannoch ✔️ Mastodon
Worthing Climate Action @WorthingClimateAction Jan '23 Mastodon
Zack Labe scientist @ZLabe ✔️ Mastodon
Zane Selvans @ZaneSelvans ✔️ Mastodon
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Find instances about climate justice here.

Batch follow these accounts

Download File:Following accounts(climate).csv and import it in your Mastodon settings to batch follow all these accounts. Make sure you select "merge", not overwrite.

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