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Grandes grupos (com ao menos duas contas ativas no Fediverso)

Movimento Região Endereço Fedi (Última vez)
Tipo de conta

(se não Mastodonte)


(Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland)

Deutschland @BUNDjugend_ak_digi climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
@BUNDjugend botsin.space 🤖 Mastodon
Baden-Württemberg @bundjugend_bw climatejustice.global 🤖 Mastodon
Heidelberg @BUNDheidelberg mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Hessen @BUNDjugend_Hessen climatejustice.global Jul '23 Mastodon
Hildsheim @BUNDHildesheim climatejustice.global Sept '23 Mastodon
Mainz @BUNDmainz climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Saarbrücken @bund_sb climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon

Ende Gelände

Deutschland @ende_gelaende climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
@ende_gelaende climatejustice.video instance currently down PeerTube
Aachen @EGAachen mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Hamburg @eg_hamburg climatejustice.global 🤖 Mastodon
Hannover @eg_hannover climatejustice.global Sep '23 Mastodon
Tübingen @ende_gelaende_tue climatejustice.global Apr '23 Mastodon

Extinction Rebellion

Global @ExtinctionR social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
@xrglobal tube.rebellion.global Mar '22 PeerTube
Denmark @XRDK climatejustice.global May '23 Mastodon
Deutschland @xrgermany social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
@xrderbewegungspodcast open.audio ✔️ Funkwhale
@germany tube.rebellion.global Jan '23 PeerTube
Aachen @xraachen social.rebellion.global Bot, 2022 Mastodon
Berlin @XRBerlin todon.nl Sep '23 Mastodon
@xryouth_berlin mstdn.social 2020 Mastodon
Bielefeld @xr_bielefeld social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
Bochum @xrbochum social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
Erlangen @xr_erlangen mstdn.social 2020 Mastodon
Halle @xrhalle social.rebellion.global 2021 Mastodon
@xrhalle pixelfed.de Jan '23 Pixelfed
Hammeln @xr_hameln social.rebellion.global 2020 Mastodon
Korschenbroich @XRkorschenbroich social.rebellion.global 2020 Mastodon
Köln @xrcologne social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
Lübeck @xr_luebeck social.rebellion.global 2022 Mastodon
München @MucRebellion climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Nürnberg @XR_Nuernberg mstdn.social ✔️ Mastodon
Rostock @xr_rostock norden.social 2022 Mastodon
España @spain tube.rebellion.global ✔️ PeerTube
Finland @elokapina social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
France @xrfrance social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
@xrfrance mobilizon.
Jan '23 Mobilizon
Bordeaux @XR_Bordeaux social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
Dunkerque @xrdkhdf mastodon.zaclys.com 2020 Mastodon
Lyon/Rhone @rhone social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
Marseille @marseille social.rebellion.global 2020 Mastodon
Morlaix @xrmorlaix social.rebellion.global 2019 Mastodon
Nantes @xrNantes social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
Rennes @rennes social.rebellion.global 2021 Mastodon
Saint-Etienne @xrsaintetienne social.rebellion.global Jan '23 Mastodon
Toulouse @xrToulouse social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
Tours @tours social.rebellion.global Dec '23 Mastodon
Italia @italy tube.rebellion.global 2022 PeerTube
Pisa @pisa_xr mastodon.social Jan '23 Mastodon
Nederlands @extinctionrebellionnl mastodon.nl ✔️ Mastodon
Polska @XRPolska social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
Schweiz @xrswitzerland social.rebellion.global Never Mastodon
[关闭] 中華民國 (Taiwan) @xrtaiwan framapiaf.org 2020 Mastodon
United Kingdom @XR_UK social.rebellion.global 2019 Mastodon
South East @XRSouthEastUK mastodonapp.uk Feb '23 Mastodon

Fridays For Future

Deutschland @fff chaos.social Bot, Dec '23 Mastodon
Augsburg @fffaugsburg climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Bad Nenndorf @fff_badnenndorf climatejustice.global Nov '23 Mastodon
Baden Württemberg @fff_bw climatejustice.global 2022 Mastodon
Berlin @FridaysForFuture berlin.social 2022 Mastodon
Bochum @fridaysforfuturebochum ruhr.social ✔️ Mastodon
Braunschweig @fff_braunschweig climatejustice.global Nov '23 Mastodon
Bremen @bremenforfuture climatejustice.global Jul '23 Mastodon
Darmstadt @FFFDarmstadt climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Dresden @fffdresden climatejustice.global 2020 Mastodon
Duisburg @fff_duisburg climatejustice.social Sep ?23 Mastodon
Erfurt @fridaysforfutureerfurt social.bau-ha.us 2022 Mastodon
Frankfurt am Main @FFF_Frankfurt climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Freiburg @F4F_Freiburg freiburg.social Sep '23 Mastodon
Halle @fffhalle climatejustice.global Nov '23 Mastodon
Hamburg @fff_hamburg climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Karlsruhe @fridaysforfuture_ka climatejustice.rocks ✔️ Mastodon
Kuppenheim @kuppenheim4Future digitalcourage.social ✔️ Mastodon
Köln @fffkoeln climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Leipzig @FFFLeipzig chaos.social Oct '23 Mastodon
Moosburg @fffmoosburg climatejustice.global Jan '23 Mastodon
Mühldorf / Altötting @fff_mue_aoe climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
München @fff_muc climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
@fffmuc climatejustice.video Instance currently down PeerTube
Oldenburg @fffoldenburg climatejustice.global Jan '23 Mastodon
Recklinghausen @fffrecklinghausen climatejustice.global Never Mastodon
Rösrath @RoesrathForFuture climatejustice.global Aug '23 Mastodon
Rostock @fff_rostock mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Ulm / Neu-Ulm @fff_ulm climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Unterhaching @Unterhaching4Future climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
@Unterhaching4F pixelfed.de ✔️ Pixelfed
France Grenoble @fff_grenoble mamot.fr Never Mastodon
Italia @fffitalia mastodon.uno ✔️ Mastodon
@fffitalia_eventi mobilizon.it ✖️ Mobilizon
Nederland @fridaysforfuturenederland climatejustice.global Never Mastodon
Nigeria @FFF climatejustice.social Dec '23 Mastodon
Österreich @FridaysForFutureAT climatejustice.global Jan '23 Mastodon
Wien @ViennaForFuture climatejustice.global Jan '23 Mastodon
@viennaforfuture climatejustice.video Instance currently down PeerTube
Schweiz (Klimastreik) @klimastreik climatejustice.global May '23 Mastodon
Basel @klimastreik_basel climatejustice.global Apr '23 Mastodon
USA Seattle @FFF_Seattle climatejustice.global 2022 Mastodon

Hambi, Lützerath & Co

Deutschland Action Ticker Lützerath @LuetziTickerEN climatejustice.social Oct '23 Mastodon
Aktionsticker Lützerath @luetziticker22 climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Alle Dörfer Bleiben @AlleDoerfer dju.social ✔️ Mastodon
Hambi Bleibt @hambibleibt todon.nl Nov '23 Mastodon
Hambi Bleibt Mahnwache @HambiMahnwache mastodon.cloud Bot, 2020 Mastodon
Hambi Camp 2.0 @hambicamp todon.eu Sep '23 Mastodon
KoLaWi Lützerath @KoLaWi_Luetzi climatejustice.social 2022 Mastodon
Lützerath Bleibt @LuetziBleibt climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Lützi Memes @luetzimemes climatejustice.social Never Mastodon
Strohballenhaus Lützerath @strobalue1 climatejustice.social 2022 Mastodon
Unser Aller Camp @system_change_camp climatejustice.global Feb '23 Mastodon


Deutschland @NABU_Klima_Energie climatejustice.global Sep '23 Mastodon
Euskirchen @NABUEuskirchen mastodon.no2nd.earth ✔️ Mastodon
Kiel @kielnabu norden.social ✔️ Mastodon
Laatzen @NABU_Laatzen chaos.social ✔️ Mastodon
Mittleres Kinzigtal @nabu_kinzigtal freiburg.social ✔️ Mastodon
Ortenau @NABUOrtenau freiburg.social ✔️ Mastodon

Parents For Future

Deutschland @parents4future climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Hamburg @P4F_Hamburg climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Kreis Viersen @pff_viersen climatejustice.global Never Mastodon
Sweden @parents4future_se climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
UK @Parents4FutureUK climatejustice.global Sep '23 Mastodon

Scientist Rebellion

Global @ScientistRebellion social.rebellion.global ✔️ Mastodon
Deutschland @scientistrebellion_GER climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Denmark @ScientistRebellionDK climatejustice.rocks ✔️ Mastodon

Scientists 4 Future

Global @S4F_INTL climatejustice.global 2022 Mastodon
Deutschland @S4F climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
@s4f_podcast climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Berlin-Brandenburg @S4F_BeBb climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Göttingen @S4F_Goettingen climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Hamburg @s4f_hh climatejustice.global Nov '23 Mastodon
Hannover @S4F_Hannover climatejustice.global Oct '23 Mastodon
Köln, Bonn @s4f_koeln_bonn climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Leipzig @s4f_le climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Stuttgart @S4F_Stuttgart climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Nederland @sciforfuture_NL climatejustice.global Bot Jan '23 Mastodon
Österreich Wien @S4F_Wien graz.social Sep '23 Mastodon

Grupos menores

Movimento Região Endereço Fedi (Última vez)
Tipo de conta

(se não Mastodonte)

A22 Network @a22network climatejustice.global never Mastodon
Activism International @activism_international climatejustice.global 2022 Mastodon
Aktion Autofrei @aktion_autofrei mastodon.social Bot, Sep '23 Mastodon
Am Boden Bleiben @AmBodenBleiben climatejustice.global Never Mastodon
Artists For Future Deutschland München @Artists4Future_Muenchen climatejustice.global Dec '23 Mastodon
Attac Deutschland Lübeck @attac_hl mastodon.social 2019 Mastodon
Bäume statt Parkplätze @baeumestattparkplaetze climatejustice.global 🆕 Mastodon
Baumpiratinnen @baumpirat_innen todon.nl 2020 Mastodon
Bank on Our Future @BankOnOurFuture climatejustice.global Feb '23 Mastodon
BE Coalition USA San Diego @SDBECoalition climatejustice.global Jun '23 Mastodon
BerlinForFuture Deutschland Berlin @Berlin4Future climatejustice.global Jul '23 Mastodon
Bikegrid Now @bikegridnow climatejustice.global never Mastodon
Blockade Australia @blockadeaustralia climatejustice.social Mar '23 Mastodon
Campaign Against Climate Change @campaigncc climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Carbon Market Watch @carbonmarketwatch climatejustice.global Jun '23 Mastodon
City Atlas USA New York @CityAtlas mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Climate Action Merribek Australia Naarm (Melbourne) @CAMerribek climatejustice.global Feb '23 Mastodon
Climatejustice.events @climatejustice_events climatejustice.global Sep '23 Mastodon
Climate News Now @ClimateNewsNow federated.press ✔️ Mastodon
Climate Psychology Alliance @ClimatePsychologyAlliance climatejustice.global Mar '23 Mastodon
Climate Quest @climate_quest mas.to Feb '23 Mastodon
Climate Vanguard @climatevanguard climatejustice.global Jul '23 Mastodon
Climaximo @climaximo climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Code Rood @CodeRood todon.nl ✔️ Mastodon
Developers for Future @developers forfuture.social ✔️ Mastodon
Earth4All @earth4all mastodon.world Nov '23 Mastodon
Ecologists at Risk @ecologistsatrisk climatejustice.global Jun '23 Mastodon
Enough 14 @enough14GNU todon.nl Jul '23 Mastodon
Environmental Defenders Office @EDOLawyers climatejustice.global Mar '23 Mastodon
Erde Brennt Graz Österreich Graz @erdebrennt graz.social Jan '23 Mastodon
Erde Brennt Uni Wien Österreich Wien @erdebrennt_uni climatejustice.global 2022 Mastodon
Erde Brennt Schule Wien Österreich Wien @ErdeBrenntAT climatejustice.global 2022 Mastodon
Fermento @fermento climatejustice.global Dec '23 Mastodon
Fischa Au Bleibt Deutschland @Fisch_Acker climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Gegenstrom Deutschland Hamburg @GegenstromHH climatejustice.global Nov '23 Mastodon
Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie @GemeinsamGegen
todon.nl ✔️ Mastodon
Green Antikapitalist Front @FrontGreen sunbeam.city 2022 Mastodon
Green Kapitalism Kills @greencapitalismkills social.tchncs.de 2020 Mastodon
Greenpeace Ruhr Deutschland Ruhr @greenpeace_ruhr ruhr.social 🤖 Mastodon
Greenpeace Schweiz Schweiz @greenpeace_ch mastodon.greenpeace.ch Bot Aug '23 Mastodon
Grow Sverige Sweden @grow mastodon.se Instance currently down Mastodon
Hacker For Future @HackerForFuture chaos.social Sep '23 Mastodon
Hamilton 350 @Hamilton350 mastodon.green Mar '23 Mastodon
Jugendrat Wien Österreich Wien @JugendrAT climatejustice.global 2022 Mastodon
Jugendrat Wiener Neustadt Österreich Wiener Neustadt @jugendratwrneustadt climatejustice.global Feb '23 Mastodon
Just Stop Oil @JustStopOil masthead.social ✔️ Mastodon
Känguru Kollektiv @KaenguruKollektiv climatejustice.global Never Mastodon
Karte von Morgen @Kartevonmorgen climatejustice.global Oct '23 Mastodon
Keine A49 Deutschland @keinea49 todon.nl Bot, Nov '23 Mastodon
Kietzblock Alt Lichtenberg @kiezblock_alt_lichtenberg climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
KligK @kligk climatejustice.global Aug '23 Mastodon
Klima Antifa Deutschland Tübingen @KlimaAntifaTue social.anoxinon.de 2021 Mastodon
Klima Wende Köln Deutschland Köln @klimawende_koeln climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Klimablatt Schweiz @klimablatt tooting.ch ✔️ Mastodon
Klimabuchmesse @klimabuchmesse climatejustice.social Oct '23 Mastodon
Klimacamp Deutschland Bremen @klimacamp_bremen climatejustice.global Bot, Mar '23 Mastodon
Klimaentscheid Ulm Neuulm


Ulm, Neuulm @klimaentscheidulm_neuulm climatejustice.global Aug '23 Mastodon
Klimafit Emmendingen Deutschland Emmendingen @KlimafitEM freiburg.social ✔️ Mastodon
Klima Freunde Deutschland Köln @klima_freunde social.tchncs.de ✔️ Mastodon
Klimagerecht Leben @klimagerecht_leben climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Klima Nachrichten @KlimaNewsDE troet.cafe ✔️ Mastodon
Klima Neustart Deutschland Berlin @klimaneustart climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Klimatbevakaren Sweden @klimatbevakaren mastodon.nu Sep '23 Mastodon
Klima Wandeln @KlimaWandeln reporter.social ✔️ Mastodon
Klima° vor Acht @klimavoracht mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Klimatreffen Deutschland Karlsruhe @klimatreffen_ka climatejustice.global Nov '23 Mastodon
Koala Kollektiv @koalakollektiv climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Kölle For Future Deutschland Köln @KoelleForFuture climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Kommunale Klimaklage @KommunaleKlimaklage climatejustice.global 2022 Mastodon
Kranold Kietzblock Neukölln @Kranoldkiezblock climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Letzte Generation Deutschland Deutschland @AufstandLastGen climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Letzte Generation Österreich Österreich @LetzteGenerationAT climatejustice.social Jan '23 Mastodon
Libraries4Future @libraries4future climatejustice.global Nov '23 Mastodon
Lobau Österreich Wien @lobau climatejustice.global 2022 Mastodon
Lobau Bleibt Österreich Wien @lobaubleibt climatejustice.global 2021 Mastodon
Naturfreundejugend Deutschland Leipzig @NFJLeipzig climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Nebelhorn Podcast @Nebelhorn norden.social ✔️ Mastodon
NRWE Tribunal Deutschland @NRWETribunal climatejustice.global 🆕 Mastodon
Ohne Kerosin Nach Berlin Deutschland @ohnekerosinnachberlin climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Okios @oikos climatejustice.global Jan '23 Mastodon
Ökomob @oekomob mastodon.social Dec '23 Mastodon
Osterholz Bleibt @OsterholzBleibt todon.nl 2019 Mastodon
Reklame Fossielvrij @reclamefossielvrij mastodon.online Jun '23 Mastodon
Sand im Getriebe Deutschland Berlin @SiGBerlin climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Seebrücke Deutschland Frankfurt @seebrueckeffm mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Shell Must Fall @ShellMustFall todon.nl ✔️ Mastodon
Soli Lausitz 23 @Soli_Lausitz23 todon.nl ✔️ Mastodon
Stay Grounded @StayGrounded_net mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Stop Funding Heat @stopfundingheat mstdn.social 2022 Mastodon
Stopp Oljeletinga @stoppoljeletinga climatejustice.global Apr '23 Mastodon
Third Generation Project @ThirdGenProject climatejustice.global Jul '23 Mastodon
Together For Future @tff_germany climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Transition Together @TransitionTog climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Turboklimakampfgruppe Deutschland Kiel @tkkg_kiel todon.eu ✔️ Mastodon
Tschüss Erdgas @tschuesserdgas climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Unser Aller Wald @UnserAllerWald climatejustice.global 2022 Mastodon
Urgewald @urgewald climatejustice.global Aug '23 Mastodon
Vegans For Future Karlsruhe Deutschland Karlsruhe @vffka climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
VerkehrsWendeStadt @verkehrswendestadt verkehrswende.social ✔️ Mastodon
Wald statt Asphalt @wsa_buendnis climatejustice.global ✔️ Mastodon
Wir stellen uns quer @wsuq climatejustice.social 🤖 Mastodon
Via Campesina Europe @ecvc climatejustice.global Apr '23 Mastodon
WWF @Wwf mstdn.social never Mastodon
WWF Deutschland @wwf_deutschland climatejustice.social Feb '23 Mastodon
Zimt @zimt todon.nl ✔️ Mastodon


Por favor, adicione pessoas famosas (ex.: que tenham a própria entrada na Wikipédia) ou pessoas que consentiram serem adicionadas.

Nome Organições Endereço Fedi (Última vez)
Tipo de conta

(se não Mastodonte)

504 dr @504DR climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
A.C. Tupper @ACTupper scicomm.xyz ✔️ Mastodon
Aaron Weiss @aweiss mas.to Sep '23 Mastodon
Aimee Witteman @aimeewitteman mastodon.energy Feb '23 Mastodon
Alexandra Rausch psychologist Psy4F @Alexandra_Rausch climatejustice.social Feb '23 Mastodon
Amy Westervelt journalist @amywestervelt journa.host Oct '23 Mastodon
Andrew Boswell scientist @DrAndrewBoswell_CEPP climatejustice.rocks Apr '23 Mastodon
Anne Wash @annewash45 kolektiva.social Jan '23 Mastodon
awoe @awoe urbanists.social Feb '23 Mastodon
Benjamin Douglas student @BenjaminDouglas mastodon.world Mar '23 Mastodon
Betsy J @revej climatejustice.social Dec '23 Mastodon
Billy Hunter scientist @BioGeoChemBilly mastodon.ie ✔️ Mastodon
Bob Kopp scientist @bobkopp fediscience.org ✔️ Mastodon
Bread and Circuses @breadandcircuses climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Brendan Byrne scientist @bbyrne techhub.social ✔️ Mastodon
Cam Ross @camross mastodon.social Mar '23 Mastodon
Cameron Underwood scientist @CameronUnderwood masto.ai Dec '23 Mastodon
candy in the wind educator & activist @kjempeslu climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Carla Caputo @carlaxo mastodon.online Mar '23 Mastodon
Chad M Briggs scientist @chadmbriggs climatejustice.rocks Dec '23 Mastodon
Charles Muller activist @acmuller mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
CelloMom on Cars activist & educator @CelloMomOnCars mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Chris H musician @hutchingsmusic mastodon.online ✔️ Mastodon
Chris Haynes @clfh mastodon.green ✔️ Mastodon
Chris Robertson @DesignClimate mas.to Feb '23 Mastodon
Christian Frank activist FFF Köln @chfrankcgn chaos.social ✔️ Mastodon
Christian Gelleri scientist @gelleri mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Cyrus C Taylor scientist @CyrusCTaylor mastodon.social Dec '23 Mastodon
Damon @Kubar69 aus.social ✔️ Mastodon
Dan Shugar scientist @atershedlab fediscience.org Aug '23 Mastodon
Dana R Fisher @Fisher_DanaR mastodon.social Nov '23 Mastodon
Daniel Huppmann scientist S4F Österreich @daniel_huppmann mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Dargan M. W. Frierson scientist @darganf climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
David psychologist Psy4F @davevader det.social ✔️ Mastodon
David Ho scientist @davidho mastodon.world ✔️ Mastodon
David Sacerdote scientist @dsacer fediscience.org ✔️ Mastodon
Ed Hawkins scientist @ed_hawkins fediscience.org ✔️ Mastodon
Elizabeth Sawin scientist @bethsawin spore.social ✔️ Mastodon
Eric Loots @ericloots mastodon-belgium.be ✔️ Mastodon
Erica McIntyre scientist & educator @EricaMcIntyre aus.social Oct '23 Mastodon
Eunice L Alexander scientist & educator @elatoad6 mastodon.online ✔️ Mastodon
Even Rodowski @evanrud mastodonapp.uk Jan '23 Mastodon
Farhana Sultana educator @farhanasultana mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Felix psychologist Psy4F @felixpeter climatejustice.social Jan '23 Mastodon
FerRacimo scientist, activist Scientist Rebellion @FerRacimo fediscience.org ✔️ Mastodon
Franke James author @frankejames mastodon.online ✔️ Mastodon
Gary Krysztopik @garykrysztopik techhub.social ✔️ Mastodon
Georg Adelmann psychologist Psy4F @geoadel climatejustice.social Oct '23 Mastodon
Gerald Kutney author @GeraldKutney noc.social ✔️ Mastodon
Gill King @gillking mastodon.au Sep '23 Mastodon
gmoke @gmoke mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
gpfeifer @gpfeifer mastodon.online Oct '23 Mastodon
Gregory Manni author, journalist @gregory_manni climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Greta Thunberg activist FFF @gretathunberg mastodon.nu ✔️ Mastodon
Heather Price scientist & activist @huprice mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Henning Jeschke scientist & activist Mitgründer der "Letzten Generation" @hinschauhen mstdn.social ✔️ Mastodon
Ido Liven @IdoLiven masto.ai ✔️ Mastodon
Ingwar Perowanowitsch activist @Perowinger94 mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Jack Pine scientist @sserbin mastodon.social Sep '23 Mastodon
Javed Ali scientist @javedali fediscience.org ✔️ Mastodon
JB Scotty @jb_nerd climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Jhinin @jhinin mastodonapp.uk Oct '23 Mastodon
John Englart activist @takvera c.im ✔️ Mastodon
Jonathan Koomey author @jgkoomey mastodon.energy ✔️ Mastodon
Jojoo activist @jojoo climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Jordan @jordane121 mastodon.green Jan '23 Mastodon
Julescelt scientist @julescelt01 universeodon.com ✔️ Mastodon
Just Matthew @Irreverent_B kolektiva.social Oct '23 Mastodon
Kat Friedrich journalist @katfriedrich sciencemastodon.com ✔️ Mastodon
Kate Walton-Elliott journalist @pyoor mastodon.
✔️ Mastodon
Katharine Hayhoe scientist @kathhayhoe climatejustice.rocks ✔️ Mastodon
Katja Diehl author & activist @SheDrivesMobility norden.social ✔️ Mastodon
Kayla Anderson activist Climate Re:Play @imbaela spore.social Apr '23 Mastodon
Kirsten v. Elverfeldt scientist @theogeo6 social.anoxinon.de Nov '23 Mastodon
Kit the builder @Kit mastodon.energy Aug '23 Mastodon
Larry Edwards @RadReduction spore.social 2022 Mastodon
Laura Skies @greeneralia masto.ai ✔️ Mastodon
Lea Dohm psychologist Psy4F @leadohm climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Leigh Callinan scientist @lcallinan mastodon.au ✔️ Mastodon
Leo Burtscher scientist Astronomers for Planet Earth @leo mastodon.green ✔️ Mastodon
LeRoy Westerling scientist @LeRoyWesterling sfba.social ✔️ Mastodon
Liz Burakowski scientist @LizBurakowski noc.social Feb '23 Mastodon
Liz Connor historian, activist @LizConor activism.openworlds.info 2022 Mastodon
Lorraine Shrops @Lorraine_Shrops floe.earth Jun '23 Mastodon
Lu Yen Roloff @Planet_A mastodon.social Feb '23 Mastodon
Luisa Neubauer activist FFF @luisaneubauer forfuture.social 2022 Mastodon
Maia architect @maiakbc climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Malin Wiese student @Malin_Wiese mastodon.green Mar '23 Mastodon
Mareike @mareike climatejustice.rocks ✔️ Mastodon
Matt Henry scientist @Menrywy mastodon.social Sep '23 Mastodon
Mari @mari kolektiva.social ✔️ Mastodon
Marion Grau activist @marion_grau climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Medusa sans Frontières @opheliainwaders mstdn.social 2022 Mastodon
MeerderWörter activist FFF Österreich @MeerderWoerter climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Michael E. Mann scientist @MichaelEMann fediscience.org ✔️ Mastodon
Mitzi Jonelle activist YACAP, FFF @mitzijonelle climatejustice.social 2022 Mastodon
Meade Crosby scientist @MeadeKrosby mas.to Sep '23 Mastodon
Methane Hunter activist @TXsharon climatejustice.rocks Mar '23 Mastodon
Monte Paulsen scientist @montepaulsen mstdn.ca ✔️ Mastodon
MurmeltHier @MurmeltHier climatejustice.rocks Jul '23 Mastodon
Nasenbär activist @Nasenbaer climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Nichol Brummer @Nichol mstdn.social Jun '23 Mastodon
Olive Farmer farmer @OrcaFarmer mastodon.nz Nov '23 Mastodon
Openhuman @Openhuman mastodon.online ✔️ Mastodon
PaulaToThePeople activist FFF Wien/Österreich @PaulaToThePeople climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Pauline von Hellermann activist extinction rebellion @pvonhellermannn mastodon.green ✔️ Mastodon
People & Nature @peoplenature mastodon.world ✔️ Mastodon
Peter Gleick scientist @petergleick fediscience.org ✔️ Mastodon
Peter Fairley journalist @pfairley mas.to ✔️ Mastodon
Peter Kalmus scientist @ClimateHuman climatejustice.social Jan '23 Mastodon
Piff 123 activist @Piff123 mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Rhinos Worry Me @RhinosWorryMe climatejustice.rocks ✔️ Mastodon
Rich Puchalsky @RichPuchalsky kolektiva.social ✔️ Mastodon
Robert journalist @rfi mastodon.social Sep '23 Mastodon
Robert Senner @RobertSenner mastodon.social Jan '23 Mastodon
Rose Hedges @rosehedges climatejustice.social Feb '23 Mastodon
Ross McFarlane @ross_macfarlane mastodon.social Feb '23 Mastodon
sabine psychologist Psy4F @sabine digitalcourage.social Oct '23 Mastodon
Sabine Maur psychologist Psy4F @SabineMaur mastodon.social Mar '23 Mastodon
Sandro Figueiredo Pires @environmentalnetworker climatejustice.social Dec '23 Mastodon
SE Bachinger @sebachinger climatejustice.rocks Apr '23 Mastodon
Sir GameZaloT medical doctor @SiR_GameZaloT paktodon.asia ✔️ Mastodon
Sommer Ackerman activist @Sommerackerman climatejustice.social Oct '23 Mastodon
Stefan Rahmstorf scientist @rahmstorf fediscience.org ✔️ Mastodon
Stefan Urbat scientist S4F Deutschland @Stefan_Urbat mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Steffieffi @Steffieffi nerdculture.de Jan '23 Mastodon
Susi Arnott scientist @SusiArnott mastodon.green ✔️ Mastodon
Sven Scherrer engineer @sven verkehrswende.social ✔️ Mastodon
T Chu @chu climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Tadzio Müller activist @muellertadzio climatejustice.social ✔️ Mastodon
Tara Carey @taracarey mastodon.online Oct '23 Mastodon
Theresia Crone activist FFF Deutschland @theresia climatejustice.social Jan '23 Mastodon
Tessa Hill scientist @ClimateTessa mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
Toa5t activist @toa5t mastodon.nz ✔️ Mastodon
Tutufant psychologist Psy4F @Tutufant ruhr.social Sep '23 Mastodon
Tuxom @tuxom mastodon.social ✔️ Mastodon
U. Lancier @Ulan_KA social.tchncs.de ✔️ Mastodon
Una activist PFF @Una hessen.social ✔️ Mastodon
Underutilized Mediocrity scientist @wayofthewitch witches.live ✔️ Mastodon
Véronique Boillet scientist @vboillet fediscience.org 2022 Mastodon
Volker Quaschnig scientist S4F @VQuaschning mastodon.green ✔️ Mastodon
WasSollManNochSagen psychologist Psy4F @wassollmannoch mastodon.social Mar '23 Mastodon
Worthing Climate Action @WorthingClimateAction mstdn.social Jan '23 Mastodon
Zack Labe scientist @ZLabe fediscience.org ✔️ Mastodon
Zane Selvans @ZaneSelvans social.coop ✔️ Mastodon
Ziggy Drop ARTivist @ZIGGYDROP forfuture.social Mar '23 Mastodon


Find instances about climate justice here.

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