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Info about Todos

If you are new to editing, please check out the Portal:Editing first.
Todos on this wiki are categorized in projects. Every project is represented on this page by a colorful box with a link to the page of the project and a list of it's most important Todos.

❗️This page will not be translated, as Todos change too quickly.

Project Guidance
This project is about helping new editors. So writing guides and explaining the structure of the wiki.
The main page about this project is Project:Guidance.
The main task of this project is to improve the Portal:Editing as well as all the guides and other pages that are (or should be) linked there.
Project Maintenance
This project is about keeping everything in this wiki in order. This includes easy tasks for new editors to get to know the structure of the wiki.
The main page of this projects is Project:Maintenance.
Project Content
This project is about creating new content, so new pages mainly. This is where you can spread your knowledge about the Fediverse.
The main page of this project is Project:Content.
  • This wiki should have What is pages about (among others) these software projects:
Project Translations
This project is about translating existing pages to languages other than English as well as improving existing translations.
The main page of this project is Project:Translations.
Here you'll find the status of translations to existing languages:
Project Quality control
This project is about 2 things: marking pages with quality issues (e.g. drafts or outdated pages) and improving those posts.
The main page of this project is Project:Quality control.
The start of this projects depends on User:Paula to:
  • create templates for warnings about the quality of a page
  • define quality standards (of course you are free to give inputs)

Later we should:

  • mark pages that don't meet the quality standards
  • list them and then work on improving them
Project Curation
This is a low-priority project about curating pages with great quality.
The main page of this project is Project:Curation.
  • wait for the quality project to define criteria for bad quality
    • based on those define criteria for good quality
  • curate pages with great quality
Project Administration
This project is about all the tasks that can only be performed by an admin. The main admin of this wiki is User:Paula. Contact her if you need help.
The main page about this project is Project:Administration.
The todos will include tasks that need special permissions (like editing protected pages) as well as tasks for the technical team, like installing updates and wanted extensions (which Paula will pass on).
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