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This portal needs more info and links to more info.
Welcome new editor

Thank you for creating an account on the JoinFediverseWiki with the intent to help improve this wiki.
On this page you will (soon) find a lot of information about editing this wiki.

Basics about editing
Basic rules for editing
  • don't spam, troll, harass or bully
  • don't promote bigotry, hate-speech, right-wing indeologies or "free speech instances"
  • don't willfully spread false information
    • this wiki doesn't meet the same standards as Wikipedia e.g. for scientific writing or notability, but everything should be correct
  • please don't remove text or heavily rewrite it before talking about it in the corresponding talk page
  • if you're afraid of making a mistake and e.g. "breaking" a page
  • try to stick to the guidelines (links will follow)
Translating is also a part of editing.
  • Find the rules about translating in the Project:Translation guide, which basically read:
    • only translate the English text & don't add information
    • use gender-inclusive language in languages that are usually not
  • some tips about translating will follow soon (hopefully)
  • You can find all the tasks you can help with in Portal:Todos and the project pages linked from there
  • Category:Drafts contains pages that need finishing
  • some software projects that need What is pages include:
  • all pages can generally always be improved upon
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