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GoToSocial is a microblogging service and one of the Fediverse's replacements for Twitter.
It is just a server though, without a frontend, which means you have to use Tusky, Elk, or another Mastodon-compatible app to use it.

What does GoToSocial feel like?

Since you use it with Tusky or Elk it feels exactly like Mastodon when using one of these apps.
There are just a few little differences.

Your profile and public posts also have a read-only web view which is simpler than the web view on Mastodon.

What are some advantages over Twitter, Mastodon & Co?

With GoToSocial you have a character limit of 5000 by default - the admin can change that.
Same goes for the default limit for poll options (6) and other limits.

The web view loads a lot faster than on Mastodon.

For admins, GoToSocial uses less storage, memory and other resources than Mastodon, so it can run on less powerful systems.

Comparison of microblogging services
Twitter Threads Mastodon Ecko Pleroma Akkoma GNU Social GoToSocial Firefish Misskey
character limit 280 500 500 admin decision 3000
feed algorithmic algorithmic chronological
reach far far familiar

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