What is Funkwhale?

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Funkwhale is an audio-hosting platform and the Fediverse's replacement for sites like Spotify, Bandcamp & Soundcloud.

What does Funkwhale feel like?

Funkwhale works a lot like Spotify, Bandcamp & Soundcloud. It was inspired by the now-defunct Grooveshark.
You can listen to albums, artists, genres, playlists, podcasts and radios.
You can upload your own audio and add a license as well as other metadata.

What are some advantages over Spotify & co?

Funkwhale is free as in free beer, free as in freedom and ad-free.
You don't need an account to browse the page and you can follow and subscribe to artists, podcasts and so on from other parts of the Fediverse.

What are some limitations?

In contrast to Spotify and sites like that, Funkwhale doesn't have music from all the big artists.

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