What is Akkoma?

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Akkoma logo

Akkoma white.svg Akkoma
Website akkoma.social
Official instance akkoma.net
List of instances fediverse.observer

Akkoma is a microblogging service and one of the Fediverse's replacements for Twitter. Akkoma is a fork of Pleroma.

What does Akkoma feel like?

What are some advantages over Twitter?

Comparison of microblogging services
Twitter Mastodon Ecko Pleroma GNU Social GoToSocial Calckey Misskey
character limit 280 500 admin decision 3000
feed algorithmic chronological
reach far familiar

What are some advantages over Pleroma?

Akkoma adds features such as a Bubble timeline, local-only posting and compatibility with the Mastodon client API (and thus may be used with Mastodon mobile apps).

What are some limitations?

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