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works with Lemmy
works on Android
App stores F-Droid , Google Play
License GNU AGPL v3
Repository Github
under active development moderation tools available

Jerboa is an Android client for Lemmy, a federated reddit alternative.


The app will meet most users' needs. It supports all of Lemmy's editing tools, image uploading, formatting and voting posts.

It also offers three options to change the timeline's view and manage a posts density:

  • card: full image and body text preview
  • small card: image thumbnail on the right side and text body preview
  • list: display only the post's title - no image, no text body preview

A downside is that scrolling is slow especially for long posts. Also you can't collapse a post to jump to the comments directly.


For now you can only search for Lemmy communities. You are not able to explore the rest of the Fediverse (Mastodon, Pixelfed, PeerTube...)

community post comment Fediverse

Moderation tools

In the alpha version v0.0.59, the app supports most of moderation tools. Moderators have a dedicated button for the report queue. the "moderation view" timeline filter is not supported yet.

report queue registration queue super mod temporary ban ban remove/restore posts remove/restore comments pin/unpin posts lock posts