What is Mobilizon?

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Mobilizon is an event planner with groups support and one of the Fediverse's replacements for Facebook events & groups.

What does Mobilizon feel like?

Mobilizon works like other events websites.
You can create events, add locations, dates, pictures and so on.
You can invite people that are already using Mobilizon, or others via email.

People can gather in groups and have group events, a group chat and other group features.

What are some advantages over Facebook events & groups?

Mobilizon has many instances, meaning different servers that are usually location, language or theme specific.
Instance owners can decide which other instances' events show up on your instances.
So you'll usually only see events that are relevant to you if you signed up to a certain instance.
There is no algorithm that decides what events you are shown, but they are displayed chronologically.

What are some limitations?

For now you can't subscribe to an event from other parts of the Fediverse, so you need a Mobilizon account, but people are working on changing that.

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