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Hello and Welcome to the Fediverse.
Huh? Not part of the Fediverse yet? Well then get right started with point 1.

1. Find an instance, create an account

The quickest way to get started with the Fediverse is to find a Mastodon instance to join by checking out joinmastodon.org/servers.
Or check out our own list of Instances.

2. Edit your profile

Upload a profile pic, write a profile description and change some settings to your liking.

3. Write an intro post

Write your first post. Mention the hashtag #introduction and your interests and hobbies.
The Fediverse has a great Welcome culture, so your post will probably be boosted, liked and commented on quite a bit.

4. Follow interesting people

Go to your local or federate timeline and scroll through the post to find like-minded and interesting people. Follow them to fill your home timeline.
On the home timeline you'll see boosted posts originating from people you don't follow yet. Follow them if they post things you like.

A bit more about points 3 and 4 can be found under Getting started with your Fediverse account

5. Ask questions

You don't have to find all the answers in this wiki or other guides or even find out everything on your own.
Feel free to ask people on the Fediverse questions.
But of course you can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions section of this wiki.

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