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About this wiki

Like the main page says, the Join Fediverse Wiki is a Wikipedia-style encyclopedia with 330 articles dedicated to all things Fediverse!
The total number of pages is 7,776 and since the official launch of the site on 2022-01-01 1,310 editors (currently just 3 of them active) made a total of 30,517 edits.

The wiki is aimed especially at people who are new to the Fediverse, but anyone can document their knowledge on any specific, nerdy detail as well.

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Who we are
This wiki belongs to all of us! Anyone can add their knowledge under two free creative commons licenses (1 and 2).

Free license basically means that you can copy any text on this wiki and use it anywhere, as long as you credit the JoinFediverseWiki and license your page under the same license.

To join the fun just create a user account!

The person who pais the bills (hint: donations are accepted) and main admin of this wiki is PaulaToThePeople, a climate justice activist and Fediverse enthusiast. The website runs on a 100% green server located in Vienna, Austria and is maintained by the Fediverse Foundation.

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What happened so far in 2024
  • the design for the main page and portals was improved some more
  • on March 2nd (CET) the server was physically moved and there was some downtime
  • Apps now have individual articles
  • the MediaWiki software was updated to the latest version (1.41.0)
  • Vector (2022) is now the default skin
  • the main page was redesigned
  • lots of portals were created
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Depending on who you are, here are links to find out more about the wiki:
  • visitors can check out the navigation portal to find their way around the wiki
  • new editors please read the editing portal, especially the rules
    • then check out the todos to find out what you can help with, if you don't have your own plans
  • translators, please check out the same pages as the editors, plus the translation project
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About the Fediverse
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Fediverse projects
Wiki More Editing
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