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Idea: set the "under development" message as a global site notice

In Mediawiki you can set a global message to be displayed in header (similar to Mastodon announcements). I think that it would be better place for our "Under development" notice and official launch date than top of start page. To set it you just have to put desired content in the Mediawiki:Sitenotice page 😊 It is set as "Protected", so only administrators can edit it.

MakaryGo (talk) 00:13, 15 December 2021 (CET)

Add a proper Infobox template for current and future pages

The current infobox is a bit weird to work with, it would be nicer to have the have the one that Wikipedia uses. Craftplacer (talk) 12:44, 26 December 2021 (CET)

It would be neat if there's also infobox templates for like instances, Fediverse clients, projects, etc. In the end, everything should look a bit uniform.

--Craftplacer (talk) 14:21, 26 December 2021 (CET)