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The Fediverse Foundation is a non-commercial club ("Verein") based in Vienna, Austria, but operating worldwide, with the goal to promote and partially fund the Fediverse.
It hosts a few Fediverse instances on a server in Vienna that runs on 100% green energy, collects donations and tries to get funding.
The Fediverse Foundation will also create promotional material for the Fediverse and appear at fares and other events.


Website: fediverse.foundation
e-Mail: support@fediverse.foundation
Fediverse: @foundation@fediverse.foundation (not set up yet)

Active Members

The Fediverse Foundation was officially founded on April 14th, 2023 by:

  • Paula (chairwoman)
  • Michael (chairwoman's proxy)
  • Mark (cashier)
  • David (data protection officer & admin)


On June 3rd and 4th 2023 the Fediverse Foundation was at the Südwind Straßenfest in Vienna to promote the Fediverse.

Instances and websites hosted by the Fediverse Foundation

Project url Software monthly active users
WienRocks wien.rocks Mastodon 1100
FediAT fedi.at Mastodon 165
TyrolSocial tyrol.social Mastodon 143
MtG.garden mtg.garden Mastodon 18
social.fairphone.community social.fairphone.community Mastodon 6


Currently the hosting of the instances costs 1.270€ a month. See how you can donate here.

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