What is Threads?

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Threads.svg Threads
Website threads.net
Official instance threads.net
List of instances fediverse.observer

Threads formerly Project 92 and Barcelona, is a software project by Meta (the company behind Facebook, Instagram and more). It is a micro-blogging platform and a Fediverse alternative to Twitter.
While the media praises this as a 'saner version of Twitter', that will eventually replace it, in the Fediverse it is generally considered a bad thing.
There is even a pact for Fediverse admins and mods to block Threads and all it's instances. See fedipact.online. According to polls (1, 2) about 65% - 75% of Fediverse users are in favor of blocking Threads.

What does Threads feel like?

Threads is a Twitter clone, so it looks a lot like Twitter. But like Mastodon it has a 500 character limit.
You can post text, pictures and videos.

How does Threads compare to Twitter, Mastodon and other microblogging services?

Threads vs the Fediverse

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The app launched on July 5th 2023 and so far Threads does not federate with any Fediverse instance.

How to sign up for a threads account

You need to download the app and for now it doesn't work inside the EU. To sign-up you need an Instagram account.