What is Pixelfed?

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Pixelfed.svg Pixelfed
Website pixelfed.org
Official instance pixelfed.social
List of instances fediverse.observer
Mastodon account @pixelfed

Pixelfed is a photoblogging platform and the Fediverse's replacement for Instagram.

What does Pixelfed feel like?

Pixelfed is a lot like Instagram. You can post images of any aspect ratio, and attribute a caption. Your profile will display thumbnails of the images you uploaded.
Depending on the instance you can usually upload 4-8 images in one post.
Captions, tags, licenses, location, and visibility settings are all modifiable per-post.
You can like other people's images and comment on them. You can also follow people and hashtags.

What are some advantages over Instagram?

Pixelfed is Free Software, free of ads, spying and algorithms that amplify hate and it's part of the Fediverse.

Being part of the Fediverse you can't just follow other Pixelfed users, but also users from other Fediverse platforms. Their picture posts will appear in your home timeline as though they were Pixelfed posts.

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