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[https://the-federation.info/misskey the federation]
[https://the-federation.info/misskey the federation]

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Misskey white.svg Misskey
Website misskey-hub.net
Official instance misskey.io
List of instances fediverse.observer

Misskey is a microblogging platform and one of the Fediverse's replacements for Twitter.

What does Misskey feel like?

Misskey is a lot like Twitter and Mastodon.
You can write short messages, add pictures, videos, audo, image/video/audio descriptions, content warnings and polls.
You can @ other people on the Fediverse in your posts and send private messages.
You can use hashtags and find posts based on hashtags.
Instead of favourites, emoji reactions (both unicode and custom) are used to react to posts. Mastodon will interpret them as favourite, Pleroma will show unicode reactions and ignore the rest.
Messages are written in a Markdown-variant (MFM), with added support for special effects like bouncing text and sparkles.
Messages can be translated with DeepL (if the admin configured it)
Favourites (analogous to bookmarks in Mastodon) can be organized in categories, called clips. They can be made public.

What are some advantages over Twitter?

With Misskey you can post longer posts.
There is no algorithm deciding what you get to see and what not, but the feed is chronological and based on who you follow and what the people you follow boost.
On Twitter & Co the algorithm doesn't necessarily show you what you want to see, but amplifies hate and controversy, to keep you watching ads as long as possible.
If you have a lot of followers on Twitter expect to have a narrower reach on Misskey, but the people who follow you are usually more happy to interact with you in a meaningful way.

Comparison of microblogging services
Twitter Mastodon Ecko Pleroma GNU Social Misskey
character limit 280 500 admin decision 3000
feed algorithmic chronological
reach far familiar

What are some limitations?

With all the advantages, like Twitter, Misskey still has some limitations.

  • You can't follow hashtags, but you can watch them in “antennas” (it is a search that continuously searches in the background and (optionally) notifies you if it found something new).
  • You can't edit your posts, but you can delete and redraft them.

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