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Android iOS
Mastodon & forks Tusky, Fedilab, AndStatus, Indigenous Mastodon for iOS
Pixelfed PixelDroid, Fedilab
Peertube Tubeab, Fedilab, Thorium
Funkwhale Funkwhale for Android
write freely
Friendica Friendica, Fedilab
Mobilizon Mobilizon
Pleroma Fedilab, Indigenous
diaspora* dandelior*, dandelion*
GNU Social Fedilab, AndStatus
Hubzilla Nomad
lemmy lemmur


Tusky is a multi-account Android app for Mastodon. It also supports Mastodon forks and Pixelfed, though with Pixelfed it still has some bugs.

Tusky is quite simple, but still feature-rich. It looks a lot like the Mastodon web-app.


Fedilab is a multi-account Android app for Mastodon, Mastodon forks, Pleroma, Pixefed, Peertube, GNU Social & Friendica.

It has more features than Tusky, but is also a bit less tidy.