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This is a Fediverse instance for climate
justice groups.
If you're an individual please instead sign
up at:
Inception 2020-02-17
Founder PaulaToThePeople
GreenFediverse Yes, climate neutral
Population 131
Platform Mastodon

This is an article about the Mastodon instance
This instance is for climate justice activism groups.

Opening Status

The instance is only meant for activism groups, so you have to enter a reason to join while signing up.
If you try to set up an account for a private person or a political party, the registration will be denied.


Founder & owner: Fedizen:PaulaToThePeople (Main account:, account on this instance: @minister)
Technical Admin: MastoHost
Moderators: @ende_gelaende, @s4f_le


PaulaToThePeople founded the instance on Feb 17, 2020. The aim was to find a home for the official account for FridaysForFuture Vienna and open the instance for other climate justice activism groups.


This instance is hosted manually by the Fediverse Foundation.
It has a 5000 character limit and runs on 100% hydro energy.