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This page has issues!
This is an unfinished and maybe disbanded project.

Here we'll collaboratively create a video or a series of videos that will explain and promote the Fediverse as well as promote the JoinFediverseWiki and especially the Instances page.
Anybody can help!

How we'll do it?
We come up with a text and gather/create picture- and video-material that is compatible with the CC-by-SA 4.0 license. On this page we add the text and material frame by frame.
Once we're happy with it we will find someone to put it all together and someone to speak the text.
We will release the finished video on a stable and well moderated PeerTube instance and include a permanent link to it in the video.
We can always improve the video and release follow-up versions.
We can use this wiki's translate function to create different language versions that can also slightly differ when it comes to the video material (e.g. show instances relevant to the language). We'll then find speakers for each language to record the text for the videos.

Do you want to help? Just create an account here on the wiki as well as in the forum where we will discuss everything.

Below I just started with an outline of how the video(s) could be structured.


Frame 1

What is the Fediverse?

Frame 2

What is Mastodon?

Frame 3

What is Pixelfed?

Frame 4

Aaaah, this is all too much!

Frame 5

Hi, I'm Kiwi, the JoinFediverse owl. I'll explain everything you need to know. So sit back and relax.


What is Mastodon?

What is the Fediverse?

What are Pixelfed & Co.?

Okay, but what's so great about it?

How do I join?

Where do I find more info?


Credits, permalink, license info & call for collaboration