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Climate Justice server thumbnail.png
Welcome to this official Fediverse instance
for climate justice activists.
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climatejustice groups
Inception 2022-11-07
Founder PaulaToThePeople
Greenfediverse logo.png GreenFediverse Yes, climate neutral
Population 2.4k
Platform Mastodon white.svg Mastodon

This is an article about the Mastodon instance
This instance is for climate justice activists.

Opening Status

The instance is open for registrations.
It is meant for activists, political parties and other climate justice actors that are not activist groups. Groups should register at


Founder & owner: Fedizen:PaulaToThePeople (Main account:, account on this instance: @paula)
Technical Admin:


PaulaToThePeople founded the instance on Nov 07, 2022 when had to be closed for registrations because of the big influx of new users.


As of December '22 runs Mastodon v4.0.2.
It uses managed hosting by - to be exact the "Friends & Family" Plan for 59€/month (payed yearly, which is 590€/year). only offers vanilla Mastodon without any tweaks, so the character limit is 500 and other limits are default too.