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Website writefreely.org
Official instance write.as
List of instances fediverse.observer

WriteFreely is a macroblogging platform and the Fediverse's replacement for Blogger and similar sites.

What does WriteFreely feel like?

WriteFreely is very simple and intuitive. You can use it to write blogs, diaries, books or even as a website.
You can set your page to be visible for everyone, only people with a link or password protected.

What are some limitations?


You can't yet follow other users from your WriteFreely account.
People from other places in the Fediverse can follow you and they will see your new posts in their timeline.
However they will only see the headline and a link to the blog entry and comments under that post won't show up under the blog entry.

Media Uploads:

You can't upload media directly to WriteFreely, so you have to embed pictures and videos from other sites.
You can for example upload your pictures to a Pixelfed and your videos to a PeerTube account.

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