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defunct since 2022-12-31

Osada was the name of a roughly Facebook-like Fediverse project in three incarnations that featured channels. All three were more or less similar to Hubzilla, but slimmed down a lot.

The first incarnation from 2018 was most likely forked from the Red Matrix and itself forked into its own sister project Zap. Osada had fewer external connections than Hubzilla, and it didn't offer Nomadic identity; Zap did offer nomadic identity, but no connections to other protocols at all. This incarnation was a dead-end and soon abandoned.

The second incarnation, also from 2018, was a fork of Zap that re-introduced ActivityPub. It got stable along with Zap. It was discontinued in 2019 when Zap had become identical in features, and both had been using the same code base for months already, so it was superfluous.

The third incarnation from 2020 was one of three less stable development forks of Zap. On New Year's Eve 2022, it was officially discontinued and superseded by its own most recent descendent, the code of which resides in the Streams repository, and which is very similar in features and handling.

Osada no longer has active instances.

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