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Lemmy is a link-aggregator and the Fediverse's replacement for Reddit.

What does Lemmy feel like?

Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit, Lobste.rs or Hacker News: You subscribe to communities that you're interested in, post links and vote and comment on them.
Communities are similar to forum categories, so Lemmy can be used as a forum.
Since its part of the Fediverse different Lemmy instances can communicate with each other and to some degree, with the rest of the Fediverse, but discoverability between Lemmy and other parts of the Fediverse is limited. Also Lemmy uses Markdown and pictures in a way, that other parts of the Fediverse have trouble displaying.

Lemmy and the Fediverse


Mastodon users can take part in Lemmy discussions and subscribe to Lemmy communities. To post in a Lemmy community simply mention the Lemmy community (@LemmyCommunity@LemmyInstance.tdl) in a Mastodon post.
The first paragraph of the Mastodon post will display in Lemmy as the title, the rest will be the text body. Hashtags won't be displayed in Lemmy.

Here is the list of functions supported between Mastodon and Lemmy :

Hashtags Pictures Alt text Videos NSFW Polls Markdown Mentions Comments Post (re)editing Cross-posts from Mastodon to Lemmy private messages Boosts Likes
✔️ ❌(1) ? ✔️ ✖️ ✖️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ➖(2) ? ✖️ ✔️
  • (1) : The alt text isn't displayed on Lemmy. We recommend you to write it in the post or comment.
  • (2) : You will have to share the content of post then add a mention to the lemmy community.



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