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Hubzilla is a CMS platform and Fediverse's replacement for Facebook, Dropbox, Google Calendar and much more.

What does Hubzilla feel like?

Hubzilla can't be compared to other projects but some may take it as as Facebook replacement. It can do everything that Friendica can do since it is a follow-up project. So you can do Macrobloging, file sharing, photo sharing, event sharing, chat and more. The key features above Friendica are the identity functions called "Nomadic identity", "Open Web Auth" and a sophisticated "Access control" system. Read more about it here

Hubzillas's special place in the Fediverse

Hubzilla is part of the Fediverse, so you can't just communicate with other Hubzilla users, but people all over the Fediverse. There is also an add-on option for cross posting with a Twitter account. Since Hubzilla is like a CMS there are lots of other add-ons you can install for lot of other functions.

With a Hubzilla web identity called "channel" and the function "Nomadic identity" channels can be unbound from the hub where they are created. They may be ported to a different hub, but also cloned, in which case the channel's identity and data will exist simultaneously in more than one location.

Also with the function "Open Web Auth" it is possible to just access the content of different web sites, without the need to enter usernames and passwords for every site. It is a Single-Click user identification: the ability to access sites simply by clicking on links to remote sites.

With the sophisticated "Access control" system, which allows also groups and forums, you finally can start communicate more privately and control exactly who shall see your posts and files.

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