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 h German (de)[[Special:Mylanguage/How do I get an account?|Wie komme ich an einen Account]] <br>
[[Special:Mylanguage/Getting started with your Fediverse account|Erse Schritte mit deinem Fediverse Account]] <br>
[[Special:Mylanguage/Best practices|Etiquette]] <br>
 h English (en)On Hubzilla, your account is neither your identity nor where your posts and other data are stored. For this, Hubzilla has {{Internal Link |target=What are channels on Hubzilla and (streams)? |link-name=channels}}. When you create a Hubzilla account, you're also asked to create a first channel.
 h French (fr)[[Special:MyLanguage/How do I get an account?|Comment créer un compte?]] <br>
[[Special:MyLanguage/Getting started with your Fediverse account|Démarrer avec votre compte Fediverse]] <br>
[[Special:MyLanguage/Best practices|Bonnes pratiques]] <br>
[[Special:MyLanguage/Mobile apps|Applications mobile]] <br>
 h Italian (it)
[[Special:Mylanguage/How_do_I_get_an_account%3F/it|Come posso aprire un account ?]] <br>
[[Special:Mylanguage/Getting started with your Fediverse account|Come aprire il tuo account Fediverse ?]] <br>
[[Special:Mylanguage/Best practices|Best practices]] <br>
[[Special:Mylanguage/Mobile apps|Mobile apps]]