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General Todos

Priority software projects

Fill in the empty cells by uploading the files or creating the pages.

Name Logo svg Main color

Hex code

Table Template Article Weblinks
Mastodon white.svg Mastodon Mastodon full logo.svg Mastodon logo.svg Mastodon.svg Mastodon white.svg 6364FF Template:Mastodon What is Mastodon? Fediverse weblinks#Mastodon
Ecko.svg Ecko Ecko full logo.svg Ecko logo.svg Ecko.svg 99FF38 Template:Ecko What is Ecko? Fediverse weblinks#Ecko
Fedibird white.svg Fedibird Fedibird.svg Fedibird white.svg 2A496A Template:Fedibird
Glitch-soc.svg Glitch-soc Glitch-soc.svg 82DCB9 Template:Glitch-soc
Hometown.svg Hometown Hometown.svg Template:Hometown full logo.svg logo.svg FE51D9 What is
Fediverse logo missing.svg Smalltown Template:Smalltown
Pleroma.svg Pleroma Pleroma logo.svg Pleroma.svg FBA457 Template:Pleroma What is Pleroma? Fediverse_weblinks#Pleroma
Akkoma white.svg Akkoma Akkoma logo.svg Akkoma.svg Akkoma white.svg 593196 Template:Akkoma What is Akkoma?
Misskey white.svg Misskey Misskey full logo.svg Misskey logo.svg Misskey.svg Misskey white.svg 8BCA43 Template:Misskey What is Misskey? Fediverse weblinks#Misskey
Firefish.svg Firefish Firefish full logo.svg Firefish logo.svg Firefish.svg Firefish white.svg F6AE4A Template:Firefish What is Firefish?
FoundKey white.svg FoundKey FoundKey logo.svg FoundKey.svg Template:FoundKey What is FoundKey?
GNU social logo.svg GNU social.svg GNU social white.svg A22430 Template:GNU social
GoToSocial.svg GoToSocial GoToSocial logo.svg GoToSocial.svg DF8958 Template:GoToSocial What is GoToSocial?
Takahē white.svg Takahē Takahē.svg Takahē white.svg Template:Takahē
Epicyon.svg Epicyon Epicyon.svg Template:Epicyon FF8800
Tumblr white.svg Tumblr Tumblr logo.svg Tumblr.svg Tumblr white.svg Template:Tumblr
Bonfire.svg Bonfire Bonfire logo.svg Bonfire.svg Template:Bonfire
Swanye white.svg Swanye Swanye logo.svg Swanye.svg Swanye white.svg 443D5A Template:Swanye
Threads.svg Threads Threads.svg Template:Threads What is Threads?
Friendica.svg Friendica Friendica logo.svg Friendica.svg FEBF19 Template:Friendica What is Friendica? Fediverse_weblinks#Friendica
Diaspora* white.svg diaspora* Diaspora*.svg Diaspora* white.svg Template:diaspora*
Fediverse logo missing.svg Acropolis Template:Acropolis
(streams) white.svg (streams) (streams) logo.svg (streams).svg (streams) white.svg 0000FF Template:(streams) Fediverse_weblinks#(streams)
Socialhome.svg Socialhome SocialHome.svg Template:SocialHome
Honk white.svg Honk Honk.svg Honk white.svg 330066 Template:Honk
Hubzilla white.svg Hubzilla Hubzilla logo.svg Hubzilla.svg Hubzilla white.svg 43488a Template:Hubzilla What is Hubzilla? Fediverse_weblinks#Hubzilla
WriteFreely.svg WriteFreely WriteFreely full logo.svg WriteFreely logo.svg WriteFreely.svg Template:WriteFreely What is WriteFreely? Fediverse_weblinks#WriteFreely
Plume.svg Plume Plume.svg Template:Plume
WordPress.svg WordPress WordPress logo.svg WordPress.svg Template:WordPress
Drupal.svg Drupal Drupal.svg 009CDE Template:Drupal What is Drupal?
Lemmy white.svg Lemmy Lemmy logo.svg Lemmy.svg Lemmy white.svg Template:Lemmy What is Lemmy? Fediverse_weblinks#Lemmy
Kbin.svg /kbin Kbin full logo.svg Kbin logo.svg Kbin.svg Kbin white.svg C358F8 Template:Kbin What is Kbin?
Pixelfed.svg Pixelfed Pixelfed logo.svg Pixelfed.svg FF3090 Template:Pixelfed What is Pixelfed? Fediverse_weblinks#Pixelfed
Flickr.svg Flickr Flickr logo.svg Flickr.svg Template:Flickr
PeerTube.svg PeerTube PeerTube logo.svg PeerTube.svg F67D00 Template:PeerTube What is PeerTube? Fediverse_weblinks#PeerTube
Owncast.svg Owncast Owncast logo.svg Owncast.svg Template:Owncast What is Owncast?
Goldfish white.svg Goldfish Goldfish logo.svg Goldfish.svg Goldfish white.svg Template:Goldfish
Funkwhale.svg Funkwhale Funkwhale full logo.svg Funkwhale logo.svg Funkwhale.svg 00AFE9 Template:Funkwhale What is Funkwhale? Fediverse_weblinks#Funkwhale
CastoPod.svg CastoPod CastoPod.svg 009486 Template:CastoPod
Reel2bits white.svg reel2bits Reel2bits logo.svg Reel2bits.svg Reel2bits white.svg Template:reel2bits
Mobilizon.svg Mobilizon Mobilizon logo.svg Mobilizon.svg FEA72B Template:Mobilizon What is Mobilizon?
Gancio white.svg Gancio Gancio.svg FF2600 Template:Gancio
Fediverse logo missing.svg BookWyrm BookWyrm logo.svg Template:BookWyrm What is BookWyrm?
Inventaire.svg Inventaire Inventaire.svg Template:Inventaire

Missing pages

  • Racism in the Fediverse (description of the situation in the Fedi, comparison to other social media & how things could be improved - Ideally not written just by white people)
  • Free Software (what is free software, the 4 freedoms, what it means for the Fediverse + downsides)

Pages with specific todos



Language How complete?
francais 86%
Deutsch 55%
日本語 30%
italiano 27%
espanol 22%
Portoguese do Brasil 12%
Russian 5%
Hebrew 4%
Korean 1%
Polish 0%
All other languages 0% (start now)

Individual Todos

Feel free to keep a Todo List for yourself here.



  • move over the mastodon app matrix that I saw someone made on google sheets and update it with more apps
  • go through and make sure all my icons are the newest 512x512 versions

Jupiter Rowland

  • Largely rewrite Hubzilla into something interesting and understandable for aspiring users
  • Write "What is" articles for the Red Matrix and (streams); keep the one for the Red Matrix short because they're defunct
  • Write articles about nomadic identity and the Red Matrix/Hubzilla/Osada/Zap/Misty/Roadhouse/(streams) model of channels so that this won't have to be explained separately in each article
  • Write how-tos for Hubzilla and (streams) such as how to add alt-text
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