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<center>Joinfediverse.wiki is an encyclopedia dedicated to all things Fediverse! Fedi-what? '''Fediverse!''' <br>
#REDIRECT [[Main Page/Fancy]]
It's that cool alternative social media system, that's independent of global corporations and giving you full control over your data and media. <br><br>
Sounds cool? Then let's make a journey through the federated universe.
Click through this gallery to see where you want to start</center>
<gallery mode="slideshow">
File:Quickstart Guide.png| == [[Welcome_to_the_Fediverse_Quickstart_guide|Quickstart Guide]] ==
File:What is the Fediverse.png| == [[What is the Fediverse?]] ==
File:What are Fediverse projects.png| == [[What are Fediverse Projects?]] ==
File:How do I get an account.png| == [[How do I get an account?]] ==
File:Getting started with your Fediverse account.png| == [[Getting started with your Fediverse account]] ==
File:Mobile apps.png| == [[Mobile apps]] ==
File:Best practices .png| == [[Best Practices ]] ==

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