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Project Maintenance
This project is about keeping everything in this wiki in order. This includes easy tasks for new editors to get to know the structure of the wiki.
The main page of this projects is Project:Maintenance.

Welcome to the Project Maintenance.
This is the page where we collect todos on keeping everything about this wiki in order.

Members of this project

If you want to help in this project you can just link yourself below and also add {{Maintenance member}} on your user page.
Members so far are:


There are a lot of maintenance reports in the first section of the page Special:SpecialPages. Most tasks for this projects will be related to those reports.

Highly interesting reports

These are the reports that should be checked regularly and ideally be empty.

Interesting reports

These are reports that have the second highest priority. The goal is to get some of them empty over time as well.

Slightly interesting reports

These are reports that should not be of high concern.

Broken reports

These are reports that don't work on this wiki.

Translations of categories

Here we'll list which categories in the category tree should be marked for translation (by adding <languages/><translate></translate>) and which not.
Generally it's a good idea to mark a category for translation, if the pages in it are/should be marked for translation.


  • ✔️ means the category is already marked for translation
  • ✔️❗️ means it should be but isn't marked for translation
  • no emoji means it's not decided yet
  • ❌ means it shouldn't be marked for translation

The list:

  • Admin guides ✔️
  • Advanced ✔️
    • Promo material ✔️
  • Beginners guides ✔️
    • Apps ✔️
  • Fediverse ✔️
    • In the Fediverse ✔️
  • Fediverse projects ✔️
    • sub categories thereof ✔️❗️
  • Fediverse protocols ✔️
    • sub categories thereof ✔️❗️
  • Fedizens ✔️
  • Files ✔️❗️
  • How to ✔️
  • Instances ✔️
    • Former instances
    • Instances Austria ✔️
  • Media ✔️
    • Book covers
    • Fediverse logos
      • sub-categories thereof
    • Infographics
    • Memes
    • Meta media
      • Fancy media
    • Paintings
    • Profile pics
    • Screenshots
      • sub-categories thereof
    • Server images
    • Unrelated media
    • Unrelated stuff ✔️
    • Zines
  • Meta ✔️
    • Articles with issues and sub-categories ❌
    • Disambiguation pages
    • Editing guides
    • Projects
    • Templates ✔️
      • sub-categories thereof
    • Users
      • sub-categories thereof
  • Portals
  • Topics ✔️
    • Arts, culture & entertainment ✔️
    • Climate ✔️
  • What are Fediverse projects? ✔️
    • sub-categories thereof
  • What is ✔️

Other tasks

  • all categories should be in plural form (Drafts, Fediverse projects...). This was not considered in the past, but User:Paula did a mass-action to change that. If you find a category where it's still wrong let Paula know. Only she can use Special:ReplaceText.
  • check Special:NewFiles and add license information and source
  • make sub-categories of large categories where it makes sense
  • make sure all pages are categorized correctly
  • decide which pages should be included in the Template:Navbar
  • writing and improving the Category:Editing guides is generally the task of Project:Guidance, but questions like "how should articles be categorized" (see Project:Style guide) also fall into our jurisdiction.

What was going on on February 14th and 15th?

User:Paula was moving some templates and categories and then starting an automated process to change all referrals to those templates and categories. This was done to follow the naming scheme (see Capitalization and Naming scheme) and for consistency. Here is what has been changed:
  • Template:Internal Link -> Template:Internal link
  • Category:Meta Media -> Category:Meta media
  • Template:LangSwiInd -> Template:Language switch (I had renamed that because the template had issues and I thought it was because of the name, but it was something else)
  • Template:Infobox App -> Template:Infobox app
  • Template:Infobox App short -> Template:Infobox app short
  • Template:Infobox Platform -> Template:Infobox platform

Paula did:

  • First create a MediaWiki:Sitenotice to warn of broken links, categories and templates ✅
  • Move the pages, e.g. Template:Internal link to Template:Internal link ✅
  • Use Special:ReplaceText to let the wiki do the rest automatically ✅
  • After it was all done checked reports and category tree for mistakes ✅
    • Some things simply took time to be fixed ✅
  • And also marked pages for translation
  • Marked Template:Infobox for translations and incorporated sub-pages ✅
  • Figured out why translations of Template:Language switch are wanted (was simply used where it wasn't necessary) ✅