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Kiwi, the JoinFediverseWiki owl

This Wiki is supposed to be a contact point for people who don't know much, or anything about the Fediverse yet.

So especially the main page, What is the Fediverse? and other Beginners guides should be written in simple and easy to understand English.
Other pages in the category Category:Advanced are meant for advanced users, but should still be written as understandable as possible.


Please don't remove text or heavily rewrite it before talking about it in the corresponding talk page.
Please don't promote bigotry or "free speech" instances.

Style guide

Main article: Style guide

Example capitalization of Fediverse projects:

First letter in upper case CamelCase all lower case special
  • Fediverse
  • Mastodon
  • Pleroma
  • Lemmy
  • Pixelfed
  • Funkwhale
  • WriteFreely
  • PeerTube
  • BookWyrm
  • GoToSocial
  • ActivityPub
  • lemmur
  • diaspora*

Translation guide

Main article: Translation guide


  • use gender-inclusive language
  • only translate the English text & don't add information

Advocacy guide

Main article: Advocacy guide

We want to advocate for the Fediverse and it's projects here, not write in a neutral tone like Wikipedia.
On the beginners pages we do that by highlighting the benefits of the Fediverse, without going in too much detail about the horrors of traditional social media.
We can then go deeper in additional pages.


The software this Wiki uses is Mediawiki, the same software Wikipedia uses.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Special pages

Only edit those if you know what you are doing