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14 August 2023

  • curprev 15:2015:20, 14 August 2023Jupiter Rowland talk contribs 1,084 bytes +16 Expanded the Lemmy link to keep the Lemmy style Tag: Visual edit: Switched
  • curprev 15:1815:18, 14 August 2023Jupiter Rowland talk contribs 1,068 bytes +1,068 Created page with "An experienced wiki editor and a Fedizen since the Friendika days of 2011, now active in the Fediverse as '''Jupiter Rowland''', an avatar in the virtual worlds based on the free, open-source, decentralised platform OpenSimulator. His Hubzilla channel was originally only dedicated to OpenSim in particular and virtual worlds in general. But being a Federated Social Web veteran surrounded by newbies who thought that the What is the Fediverse?|Fedi..."