What is Threads?

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Website threads.net
Official instance threads.net
List of instances fediverse.observer

Threads formerly Project 92 and Barcelona, is a software project by Meta (the company behind Facebook, Instagram and more). It is a micro-blogging platform and technically part of the Fediverse.
While the media praises this as a 'saner version of Twitter', that will eventually replace it, in the Fediverse it is generally considered a bad thing.
There is even a pact for Fediverse admins and mods to block Threads and all it's instances. See fedipact.online.

What does Threads feel like?

Threads is a Twitter clone, so it looks a lot like Twitter. But like Mastodon it has a 500 character limit.
You can post text, pictures and videos.

How does Threads compare to Twitter, Mastodon and other microblogging services?

Threads vs the Fediverse

As the JoinFediverseWiki stands against harassment and discrimination we also stand against threads and threads.net. We do not consider threads to be part of the Fediverse, just like gab, spinster and freespeechextremist.


The app launched on July 5th 2023 since March 2024 it partially federates with the Fediverse.

How to sign up for a threads account

You need to download the app and for now it doesn't work inside the EU. To sign-up you need an Instagram account.