How to promote the Fediverse?

From Join the Fediverse
This article is a draft!
A lot of info might still be missing and the page might change at any time.

There are many ways to promote the Fediverse. Let's gather them here.

Word of mouth

Tell your friends and family

We know, this is hard. How many of us have convinced our friends and family to use Signal instead of Whatsapp or Firefox instead of Chrome?
But it's not impossible.

You should advance according to who you are talking to.
Are they privacy conscious? Great, tell them about the horrors of other social media and how the Fediverse is different. Are they not privacy conscious and heavy social media users? Keep it simple and tell them how the Fediverse emulates their favorite social media platforms and interconnects them.

If you convince them to give it a try, don't leave it there, but help them find their way around.
Go to Getting started with your Fediverse account for some tips.

Tell the company you work for and the groups you are part of

...if they are a good fit for the Fediverse.
If you work for Microsoft or a big bank this might not be such a good idea.

Talk to the person(s) responsible for the groups social media appearance and tell them about the benefits of the Fediverse. Offer to hold a workshop for the group members. Or ask a Fediverse advocacy group like the Fediverse Foundation to hold a workshop.

Social media

Tell your followers and contacts on other social media to follow you to the Fediverse

Tell them why you are leaving, where to find more information and how to find you in the Fediverse.

Flyers & Stickers

Get yourself some flyers & stickers and spread them.

Form an advocacy group

Similar to the Fediverse Foundation you could form a group to promote the Fediverse locally.

As a group you could:

  • hold workshops at schools, universities and public institutions
  • go to fares and other events
  • give radio-, TV- and print-interviews
  • connect and coordinate with similar groups