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How to use hashtags

How to follow hashtags


There are two ways to follow hashtags. Really following them and putting them in a timeline:

To follow a hashtag simply search for it and click on it (hashtags are at the bottom of the search results). Then in the column where the posts of the hashtag appear click the follow button in the top right corner. Done.
Posts of the hashtag will appear in your home timeline like posts of people you follow. You can see a list of all hashtags you follow in the 3 dots menu besides your name (above the posting interface).
Click on a hashtag and you'll be able to unfollow it.

The second option is to put a hashtag or hashtags in a separate timeline. This only works in the advanced interface (enable in settings).
Search for a hashtag and click on it. In the top right corner, besides the follow button, you'll see a "show settings" button. Click on it and then on "Pin". Click on it again to add additional hashtags to the column or move the column.
If you don't want to "follow" a hashtag that way anymore just unpin the column in the top right corner.

List of common hashtags



  • Mondog
  • MonochromeMonday


  • TongueOutTuesday


  • WerewolfWednesday


  • ThickTrunkThursday
  • ThrowbackThursday


  • FollowFriday
  • WindowFriday, FensterFreitag
  • FungiFriday
  • FineFemmeFriday


  • Caturday


  • SilentSunday


  • MossTodon
  • Lichensubscribe
  • Bloomscrolling
  • Sporespondance
  • MothTodon
  • ButterFlying 🆕


  • Introduction, NeuHier
  • FollowerPower
  • MutualAid
  • FediAdmin, MastoAdmin